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D’Amico Abruptly Steps Down

We have received this article from different sources about 10 times today and we really don’t know what to make of it. From where we sit, it is clear that Cuomo panders to the Bloc. It is further clear to us that decisions regarding education funding and state laws have a Bloc sensitive lean to them. There is also no doubt in our minds that Preet Bharara should be looking as closely at Governor Cuomo as he is at New York City’s police department. What is not quite clear, as of this moment, is why this abrupt resignation occurred. New York’s top state cop, Joseph A. D’Amico is in enough of a pickle to tender his resignation. Whether that pickle is sour, half-sour or dill remains to be seen. It is likely not of the kosher variety.

From the New York Post, April 8, 2016

New York’s top state cop resigns abruptly

New York’s top state cop, Joseph A. D’Amico, has abruptly resigned, The Post has learned.

D’Amico, 56, tendered his resignation as superintendent of the New York State Police to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday morning, a source close to the matter said.

The three-decade veteran of law enforcement for the NYPD and in Albany had not been asked to resign, said the source, who declined to give further details.

In January, D’Amico came under fire for helping void a traffic ticket issued by a trooper to an NYPD officer who had struck a marked State Police van in Yonkers.

A State Police spokesman at the time said the top state cop directed staff to review the decision to issue the ticket, and that D’Amico did not communicate with anyone at the NYPD about the ticket.

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Additional sources:

Fox 5 News: New York State Police Superintendent D’Amico resigns

see also: WHEC News 10 Rochester: NY State Police Superintendent D’Amico resigns, April 8, 2016 4:42pm

For further reading, see the column by Michael Goodwin: NYPD Corruption scandal leads straight to de Blasio, April 7, 2016

3 thoughts on “THE PLOT THICKENS, CONTINUED: NYS top cop resigns

  1. Preet Bharara has been looking at Cuomo and his possible corruption since Silver. He couldn’t get him via the Moreland Commission, but his statements continue to be about government corruption.

    • Oh great, I’m replying to myself.

      I don’t for one second believe that Cuomo didn’t know about the top cop resignation. It must have been urgent or it would have occurred at the end of the day so as to get minimum exposure during the [election news] weekend.

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