Cruz and the Matzoh Bakery That Employed a Convicted Sex Offender

Ted Cruz.n


We have tried to stay away from politics, for the very reason that it rarely ends well. Because of the nature of this one, we decided to share. While Cruz should have been condemning the rapes and molestations, abuses and criminal activity of a Hassidic community, he was making Matzoh. He was pandering. We are sharing a post kindly sent to us from a FB site called Block the Block Vote: In this case, the opinion that is written, meshes pretty well with our opinion on this one. We leave it to you, however, to come to your own conclusions.

LostMessiah, April 8, 2016



“Cruz is so “thirsty” for the bloc vote he can’t use google for the seconds it took for me to find the backstory. The pull of the bloc vote is just too much for some people, so we have fools rushing in before they even look.

Ted Cruz bakes matzoh with rabbi who had sex offender employee, and in a letter the rabbi signed he was suggesting others should not be “jumping to conclusions solely based upon media accounts”, when there was already a known conviction.

The rabbi did fire the offender, and the rabbi did do what he could to keep that offender from vulnerable people under that rabbis direction, and that is great, and I say “Well done”.

But it is an insult to victims to say in letter to the public, “jumping to conclusions solely based upon media accounts” when that offender has already plead guilty in court.

*For those who are unaware, there is victim blaming offender backing pattern in the bloc vote community. This post is more than about an oversight by one candidate. In the bloc vote world, the victim will be called a liar and shunned, the family of the victim will be shunned, people will financially boycott the victims family business, and even as went on in NYC, the victim was photographed and harassed right on the witness stand in front of the Judge. This is about a victim blaming pattern.
To be fair, the Catholic Church engaged in similar behaviors, but some lawsuits and the media tuned them up. “


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7 thoughts on “Cruz and the Matzoh Bakery That Employed a Convicted Sex Offender

  1. To : dh ,

    Donald Trumple is not Jewish , so for him his grandson is an easter baby , legitimate thought.
    That’s the way he sees his grand child .

    ..’.money talks ‘… , absolutely . Trumple can say what he wants bc he can afford it , more than anyone . He does not fear from being fired from a job or a position . And you bet he has hundreds of millions of American voters who thinks like him and would vote for him and he knows it .

    Who talks like he does ? Nobody . His public rants about Hispanics and immigration …
    No politician would dare speaking openly the way he does . And yes, money talks , only a rich and famous Billionnaire can say publicly to the whole country what he wants . Trumple has great chances to be elected thanks to his big mouth and rants , ppl love him and would like to be like him .
    If he is elected , he would run the country like a business bc he is strong and determined and very efficient . We need a guy like him .

  2. Ted Cruz is not concerned about the sex offender employee of the matza factory .
    He will go anywhere to campaign, even in jail to get the votes .
    Cruz will go to all Hassidic neighborhood , Williamsburg , Crown Heights , Boro Park , Englewood …
    anywhere .
    The sex offender in the matza bakery is not Cruz’s problem .

  3. I do not support sex offenders . Sex offenders have a disease , but they need to work to make a little living .

    What can they do ‘on the job’ ? They go there to work and make matza for Passover .
    As long as the employed sex offender lives away from schools and playgrounds , I think it’s ok for him to work . He is being watched while making matzas .
    The fact he is a sex offender should not deprive him from having a job .

    Btw , could you name that sex offender ?

    • @m The problem with the employee at the Matzoh bakery is the fact that young people work there also. While we don’t disagree with you to some extent, given the sensitivities regarding abuse within that community, it might have been something worth commenting about by his own publicists, who did not even know that the sex offender had a connection with the bakery. We don’t know the name.

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