UPDATE ON MALKA LEIFER CASE – Still avoiding Extradition to Australia

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LostMessiah, April 7, 2016

Malka Leifer, who has been in Israel for years since one of the girls she molested spoke out, has managed to avoid extradition. Manny Waks, also the victim of abuse in a Yeshiva in Melbourne, now living in Israel, has been trying to assist in the efforts to force her extradition.

ABC News Australia reports:

Malka Leifer ‘manipulated us’: Alleged paedophile who preyed on secretive Jewish community

Somewhere in an ultra-Orthodox enclave of Israel, former Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer continues to evade extradition to face criminal charges in Australia. Now one of her alleged victims speaks out for the first time.

By Sophie McNeill

For full article click, here.


“Australian-Israeli victim advocate Manny Waks blew the whistle on sexual abuse at his ultra-orthodox Jewish school and religious centre in Melbourne and also gave evidence to the child abuse royal commission.

Now living in Israel, Mr Waks has founded a new global body to advocate on behalf of victims of child sexual abuse from within the Jewish community.

He has been following Leifer’s case closely and says the latest delay is outrageous.

“It is staggering how long it’s taken and I think it’s a poor reflection on the Israeli judicial system. Especially when we have seen some of the tactics used,” he said.

“It seems to me and to many of us that Malka Leifer and her legal team are really running the show here.”

Speaking from Bnei Brak, Mr Waks said he hoped justice would be served.

“It’s quite sad to think that Malka Leifer is in one of these apartments, living fairly at ease,” he said.

“Almost eluding justice, it’s not right.””


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