LM Called it, de Blasio Giving Back Money – NOT. SO. FAST.

Words of wisdom for NYC Mayor de Blasio.
Lost Messiah, April 7, 2016

In an article dated April 6, 2016, we here at LM expressed our doubts that Mayor de Blasio would be giving back any money he received from donors, including Jona Rechnitz and Borough Park leader Jeremy Reichberg. Both are liked to bribery and criminal activity of high ranking police officers. All of this occurring on de Blasio’s watch. His Rolex is apparently immune to accepting bribes. His watch seems to miss out on the time corruption occurs. Perhaps it is faulty. Mayor de Blasio, you might want to exchange it for something more luxurious…. like a fully paid trip on… “The Mitzvah Mobile”.

Giving back donations apparently is a judgment call and we all know, based upon what has been occurring for years, that de Blasio’s judgment is bought and paid for by the Hasidic community with which he has ties. After all, where would the Bobov be if they could not such the blood of their infants following circumcision? Where would de Blasio be if he did not pander to the Hasidic community?

In an article in the New York Post published at 2:30 am on April 7, 2016, apparently Mayor de Blasio confirmed our doubts about the return of the money  (not happening) and solidified our position that following money is a long and convoluted trail linking more public officials and police officers to corruption than anyone wants to admit. Of course, de Blasio, like the others involved, are going to wait until their Hasidic friends pay their legal bills and you can bet that very high priced lawyers will be involved. It’s simply how the game is played.

It is unfortunate and overlooked (by de Blasio and his high ranking police officials) that Hasidic children are barely educated in the English language, they speak Yiddish, do not get an appropriate math or science background and live in complete insularity. Moreover, the same institutions these children trust, which foots the public officials’ bills, is committing atrocities like rape on many of these children and abusing many of the women within the community.

When it comes to the future of these Hasidic communities, their leaders will live in lavish wealth, claiming “Baruch Hashem” [thank G-d] while their ordinary cult members live on public assistance. It is a big mess that de Blasio and his paid for colleagues are overlooking in terms of the future of NY State; but… oh well..

As for the children within these communities, if those abused among them live through the abuse and insularity, they will learn the ways of their parents. Lead by example, “do as I do and not as I say.” Their parents, leading by example, teach tem how to handle shady (or rather “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”) business practices, of course justifying everything as a blessing from Hashem (G-d) himself. At this rate, we all may need to build another ark…

The New York Post, April 7, 2016 reports:
” Mayor de Blasio said Wed­nesday he is not rushing to give back donations he received from two deep-pocketed businessmen now at the center of an FBI investigation into NYPD corruption.
“An investigation means something’s being looked at,” Hizzoner said. “Until we get a result, we can’t make final judgments. So in terms of any past donations, I will make that determination when we see the results of the investigation.”
The businessmen, real-estate investor Jona Rechnitz and Borough Park leader Jeremy Reichberg, are the focus of a probe into high-ranking NYPD members suspected of accepting gifts from them in exchange for favors, like extra security.
Rechnitz donated $50,000 to the mayor’s Campaignfor One New York and shelled out the maximum $9,900 for de Blasio’s 2013 campaign, records show.
“I think all of you would agree you don’t prejudge the outcome of an investigation,” de Blasio said. “But if these individuals are exonerated, that’s one thing; if not, we’ll make a different determination.”
De Blasio insisted the two have not contributed to his re-election campaign and never gave him any gifts.
“No, no gifts,” he said, adding that he first met them in 2013. “Neither of them have contributed to my re-election campaign. While this investigation is going on, we will of course not accept any donations.”
The mayor said he had not spoken to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton about the probe, but will meet with him later in the week.
“As he said publicly, there’s going to be full cooperation with them,” de Blasio said.”

For the complete article and other links, here.


3 thoughts on “LM Called it, de Blasio Giving Back Money – NOT. SO. FAST.

  1. What a Chillul Hashem:

    “The Police Department also has a history of granting favors to ultra-Orthodox Jews in Borough Park, Brooklyn who constitute an influential voting bloc. The Post reports that Deputy Inspector Grant served as commanding officer of the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park, and had doled out hundreds of police captains’ union cards with his name on them and the message “Please extend all courtesy to the holder of this card.”
    Speaking to the Forward, security consultant Joe Levin said that Borough Park’s 66th Precinct “is owned by the Hasidic community.

    The precinct is known among cops as Fort Surrender, in memory of a 1978 riot by Hasidic Jews who overtook the station house and injured dozens of officers.

    In the mid-1990s, Brooklyn South commander George Brown was reassigned after he refused to release a teenager arrested for outstanding parking tickets in the face of another riot at the precinct, according to NYPD Confidential. The blog also reported that it is routine for connected Borough Park figures to have their tickets fixed.

    And in 2006, former 66th Precinct commanding officer Joseph Esposito was forced to apologize for allegedly yelling “get the fucking Jews out of here” amid a protest by hundreds of Hasidim upset over the arrest of a 75-year-old man for failing to pull over when police tried to stop him for talking on his cellphone. Protesters reportedly assaulted two cops, lit bonfires in the street, and smashed and burned police cars. Only three people were arrested.”


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