Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner – 1967


LostMessiah April 7, 2016

Updated 6:27pm

As the papers (and LM) have already reported, Mayor de Blasio claimed that he did not receive anything from Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, two of three subjects of an FBI/DOJ probe, after 2012, or was it 2013? Rechnitz and Reichberg, Hizzoner claims, had not contributed to his campaign (really?).

Well then, how does Mayor de Blasio account for dinner at the home of Jeremy Reichberg on Wednesday, May 21, 2014? Mayor de Blasio, sir, the two statements do not seem to even jive with one another – well, unless you are an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic man who bends the interpretations of the world to his advantage and that of his community.

Hmmm…. [thinking out loud] It was not a Shabbat Dinner.  There’s no indication of who else was in attendance , seemingly unique from nearly every other scheduled event.

According to your schedule you broke bread with Reichberg at his home…”HaMotzi Lechem Min Ha’aretz”….

Was the wine mevushal or lo mevushal?

[Note to our readers: “Mevushal wine is frequently used in kosher restaurants and by kosher caterers so as to allow the wine to be handled by non-Jewish and/or non-observant waiters. The process of fully boiling a wine kills off most of the fine mold, or “must”, on the grapes, and greatly alters the tannins and flavors of the wine”]

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