De Blasio Dubiously Attempts Spin Control…

…and the plot thickens.


In yet another sign the NYPD corruption scandal may reach as high as Hizzoner, the Mayor of New York’s administration futilely tried to distance itself from the now-toxic names of Rechnitz and Reichberg. The political spin-doctoring fell woefully flat.

From Politico:

“What role [Rechnitz and Reichberg] played on the transition is unclear.

De Blasio’s press secretary referred questions about the transition committee to the firm BerlinRosen. A spokesperson there, Dan Levitan, declined to characterize what role or impact the men had in the transition. Asked what policy the men influenced or helped shape, Levitan referred questions back to City Hall, which did not immediately provide a statement.”

As reported earlier, the FBI/DOJ has had wiretaps on Rechnitz and Reichberg, as part of an investigation that extends as far back as early 2014. That puts Reichberg’s dinner with De Blasio on 5/21/14 smack in the middle of the investigation’s cross-hairs. All of this continues to beg the questions: who is the third Orthodox man the FBI/DOJ is investigating, and how far-reaching is the probe?

ABC7 reports, from earlier:

“Federal authorities are probing three Orthodox Jewish men for fraud and money laundering. Two of them, Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, were involved in a liquor deal that went bad, prompting the investigation.

While probing the men, federal authorities picked up on a wiretap that one of the men, Reichberg, had dealings with high ranking NYPD officers. He is described as a police buff.

A number of the NYPD commanders have been brought before a federal grand jury looking into the Orthodox Jewish men’s actions. They are described to have “fully cooperated” and have been informed they are not the targets or subject of the investigation.”



10 thoughts on “De Blasio Dubiously Attempts Spin Control…

  1. Rechnitz: ‘
    As long as you’re doing it honestly and with integrity. I guess the only other gauge is dollars as well, you know, a person always has to establish themselves as an honest person, especially in our religion, we want to sanctify G-d’s name in all our dealings.”

    Thank G-d for Preet!

  2. The name of the person who JSR Capital was doing business with on the supposed liquor deals came out.

    It is Hamlet Peralta, who owned a restaurant that was frequented by NYPD brass –he is suspected now of leaning on them for favors.

    Peralta also owns a couple of liquor stores –one in Crown Heights, another in Harlem. They’re described as “warehouses” so this was not a matter of a few bottles falling off the truck.

    There’s a trail of UCC paperwork going back to 2013 shows that JSR Capital –which is just supposed to be building and renovating real estate– made a set of loans to Peralta’s businesses, which just looks odd.

    The liens are all against liquor and assorted other fixtures. The debts wouldn’t come due until 2019, which means that Peralta just had to kick back some money to JSR to keep the illusion going.

    To read the prior reports, it’s likely that there was never any actual liquor purchased with the money; it was probably just a way to send money into business accounts where it would be easily converted into cash and then given to police (either as the direct recipients or as the couriers to a targeted politician).

    Here comes the problem:

    Peralta’s restaurant was shut down in 2015. Someone in JSR’s accounting department likely noticed that the company stopped getting paid back on its accounts receivable and brought things –which means that JSR was owed all of the liquor and other stuff they were ostensibly financing, so that it could be liquidated.

    Of course, there was never any liquor and hence we have Rechnitz trying to roll on Peralta to save his own skin.

    • @Do the Homework:
      “Someone in JSR’s accounting department likely noticed that the company stopped getting paid back on its accounts receivable and brought things”
      can you explain that sentence?
      When the accounting person tried to collect on the loan what happened? Sorry this is getting too confusing to follow…how would a person just trying to figure out why the payments stopped have set this off?

    • Then who is the 3rd orthodox man under investigation? It’s not Peralta. And again, someone answer this question. If it was Rechnitz who was scammed why would he report this to the authorities when he knows how vulnerable he is to being discovered? The smart Hasidim never report their losses because they know getting caught is much worse. They just eat them or they threaten/kill the thief but they never go to the authorities. Why would Rechnitz do that?

    • So Rechnitz goes to the police thinking he owns them and it blows up in his face because the police call in the FBI.

  3. There are two separate scandals going on over here – one about the NYPD, which is mostly entertaining, and another, completely different scandal involving frum Jews that is very, very troubling. And while the entire story should be circulated and reported on, we shouldn’t lose focus on the unbelievable Chillul Hashem that continue to grow by the day (not to mention the Allure fiasco).

    What we have here are 3 men of prominence under federal investigation for money laundering and fraud, two things our community seems to commit far too easily and far too often. And as we know, the ties run deep, so 3 men soon become 10 or 20 or more. Which is why – at least for these posters – the successful effort to shut down FM becomes a central focus of these events, because there is no question that these two events are related and will lead us to know more about the people involved and motives behind them.

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