Providing Tips to Lost Messiah

We have been asked how tips can be provided. We are working on logistics. In the meantime, please feel free to comment here.

Alternatively, an email can be sent to LM @

Thanks to our readers, LM


12 thoughts on “Providing Tips to Lost Messiah

  1. The Mueller’s from Lakewood NJ. Jack and his son Moshe. Have been in bed with platinum for decades. They have been pushing investors for over 20 years knowing full well that David and Mirray were crooks. Thousands of yungerleit lost all their hard earned savings as a result.These gangsters cannot go inpunished. The Mueller’s and Bodners are related.I personally lost &75000 that I will never see again.
    Please help us!

  2. We need to keep an eye on the near future – if the Ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic communities double roughly every 10 years – then we will be in real trouble very soon.
    Lots of corruption has been exposed over the last years, but it takes years for the FBI to respond and just to show up and collect evidence – and then who know how long before any real action is taken.
    Time is of the essence if we want to save Rockland Count
    y and New York State! We really need to drive this point home to everyone! Especially before elections – any politician who is associated with the bloc needs to exposed big time!!!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I am so happy that you are trying to fill Shmarya’s shoes. Much appreciate, or as the sheep say “Tizku L’Mitzvahs”

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