de Blasio’s Allure -no Forgetting Friends

Updated: The photographs were changed by request of one of LM’s commenters. We could not disagree that the original publicly available photograph could have been viewed as child pornography had it not been “tactfully” disguised as religion.
The grey and black picture comes from an article in HaAretz describing the procedure and the dangers of the Herpes virus which can spread when a Mohel’s mouth is infected.

De Blasio Cozy with His Bobov Hasidic Friends – How Far Would he go to “not Forget them“?

LostMessiah March 5, 2016

Only in NYC can one have an article about an AIDS Home, which was (disingenuously)  purchased by Allure Group “with the intent of keeping it open as a nursing facility” and congratulations for “rolling back” restrictions on the controversial circumcision rite called “metzizah b’peh”…. 

A Mohel with AIDS can transfer it to an infant through this rite.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

As a note for our readers: “metzizah b’peh” (MBP) translates quite literally from Hebrew to English as “orally sucking”. In something of a pun, “rolling back” is what happens to the foreskin before the Mohel performs a circumcision. Jewish law refers to suctioning he blood away from the wound and using one’s mouth is an interpretation. Only a very small subset of ultra-Orthodox Mohels perform circumcision using this ritual, frowned upon by the majority of Jews worldwide. 

Rules were set in place in January of 2013, against this “rite” because [s]ince 2000 MBP has been blamed for 18 cases of neonatal herpes in New York City. Two of those babies died, and two others suffered brain damage.” In 2015, however, under pressure from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, Mayor de Balsio announced that the city was going to revoke the regulations, which were officially revoked on September 9, 2015.

Now back to Allure Group and the controversial “Flip” of a Nursing Home on Rivington Street…

On April 5th of 2016, Mayor de Blasio “voiced confidence…in the commissioner charged with cleaning up the botched approval of a deal that allowed the sale of a formerly protected Lower East Side nursing home to condo builders. The reference is to Allure.

On April 3, 2016 at 4:42am, in an article entitled “De Blasio slams nursing home sale – but doesn’t punish aids” the New York Post reported:

“Mayor de Blasio claims to be “livid” that his administration approved a deal to convert a nursing home to a luxe condo — yet the staffers and aides who let it happen have seemingly escaped his wrath.

De Blasio has threatened to sue the Allure Group for misleading the city and has touted a “full-scale” Department of Investigation inquiry into how the city removed a deed restriction on the Lower East Side property last November to pave the way for the sale and conversion of Rivington House.

But top-level officials have so far skated in the widening scandal.

To read the full article click, here.

Later that same day, on April 3, 2016, at 8:02pm, in an article entited “How Mayor de Blasio can prove he’s truly ‘livid’ over that $72 million scandal” the New York Post reported:

“It took several days of embarrassing news stories — plus a Post editorial insisting he “should be furious” — but Mayor Bill de Blasio finally declared himself “livid” over that $72 million nursing home flip.

That’s a welcome switch from a few days earlier, when said simply that he was “not happy” about the scandalous deal.

Now he’s promising “there will certainly be consequences” and is threatening legal action, citing “a lot of evidence” that something unacceptable happened.

That much has been obvious from the start — which is why the whole affair is being probed by the Department of Investigations and city Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Last Thursday, DOI subpoenas began to go out to city workers and officers of Allure Group, the Brooklyn nursing home operator at the center of the whole mess.

Allure bought the Lower East Side property, then a residence for AIDS patients, and spoke of hoping to keep it as a health care facility, as required in the building’s deed.

But the city never got a written commitment — and Allure successfully lobbied to get all deed restrictions lifted. It then sold the building to a developer that plans to build luxury condos, netting $72 million.

Despite objections from the local community board, the deed change sailed through with virtually no public input.”

“How did they get around this deed? I don’t

understand it,” Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer told Politico.

Neither does anyone else — de Blasio insists the first he heard about it was when the Wall Street Journal reported on it.

It’s good that the mayor finally seems to comprehend that this scandal goes well beyond your ordinary bureaucratic foul-up, signifying something deeply wrong in his administration.

Of course, with DOI run by de Blasio crony Mark Peters, don’t expect its investigation to point to anyone high at City Hall.”

To read further click, here.

That followed a March 25, 2016 New York PostArticle in which:

“Elected officials are calling for an investigation into a move by the de Blasio administration that removed a protection on a Lower East Side nursing home — allowing its operator to flip the site for luxury condos at a $72 million profit.

The Allure Group bought the building at 45 Rivington Street in February 2015 for $28 million, and said it would keep it as a nursing facility if a restriction that it be run as a health-care non-profit were removed, according to city officials.

In June, the restriction was lifted, and in November, the city got $16.1 million based on appraisals.”

To read the complete article click, here.

Fast-Forward to the Connection Between Meziza b’peh, Joel Landau and a Controversial AIDS Home…

On April 1, 2016, the Forward reported that, Hasidic Businessman Who Flipped AIDS Home Part of Sect With Cozy Ties to Mayor Bill de Blasio

At a recent fundraiser for the Bobov Hasidic group attended by New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, City Council member David Greenfield told the crowd that de Blasio “did not forget his friends.”

Now, de Blasio’s ties to the Bobov have put him on the defensive, amid a scandal over a nursing home chain run by a prominent Bobov businessman. Allure Group made $72 million in February flipping a Lower East Side home for AIDS patients to a condo developer. Now, the New York City Comptroller and the city’s Department of Investigation are investigating the deal, and de Blasio says that his administration was “misled” by the firm.

Allure’s CEO, Solomon Rubin, is a prominent member of the Boro Park-based Bobov Hasidic group, one of the city’s largest ultra-Orthodox sects. The Bobov enjoy a particularly close relationship with de Blasio, who represented Boro Park in the City Council from 2001 to 2009.

On March 9, days before the Allure scandal broke, de Blasio attended a fundraising dinner for Amidei Zion of Mosdos Bobov, a Bobov charity, at the New York Hilton. The mayor announced trash collection schedule changes meant to ease congestion in Boro Park, earning vigorous applause.

De Blasio’s ties to the Bobov run deep. Bobov powerbroker Rabbi Yitzchok Fleischer, whose mother’s shiva de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray attended in January, told the online Jewish magazine Tablet in 2013 that de Blasio “owes me everything.”

“Without me he wouldn’t be anyplace,” Fleischer said.

De Blasio now faces tough questions about the Allure Group deal. The company purchased the Lower East Side home in February 2015 for just $28 million, promising that it would use the building to operate a nursing home. In November, Allure paid $16 million to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services for permission to retroactively adjust the deed on the property. In February of 2016, thanks to the deed change, Allure sold the property to a condominium developer for $116 million.

“It makes me livid that this happened in one of the agencies that are part of my administration,” de Blasio told the local television station NY 1 on April 1, according to a transcript circulated by the mayor’s office. “We’re looking at all potential legal options related to the company that did this because we have a lot of evidence that they misled us.”

Days earlier, at a press conference at NYPD headquarters, De Blasio told reporters that he was upset to have heard about the flip only after it was made public.

The New York Times reported on March 31 that a prominent lobbyist who at different times worked for both the not-for-profit that sold the building to Allure and the developer that bought the building from Allure has raised $45,000 for de Blasio’s election campaign since October.

Allure owns six New York City nursing homes, according to the group’s website. At least one of its executives shares a surname with Solomon Rubin; another, Joel Landau, who has been Allure’s public face, is not a member of the Bobov Hasidic group.

Rubin did not respond to a message left at Allure’s office.

Rubin sits on the board of Bnos Zion of Bobov, the sect’s school system for girls. “They are very well off and they support a lot of things that are going on in the community,” said Yoel Rosenfeld, a Bobov community activist, of Rubin. “He’s very involved.”

Rosenfeld said that he escorted de Blasio in and out of the Bobov dinner on March 9, and that Rubin did not speak to the mayor. While he assumed Rubin was in attendance, Rosenfeld said that there were more than 1,000 people there, and he did not see him.

Speaking from the Bobov dais, New York City Councilman Greenfield praised the mayor , lauding de Blasio for rolling back restrictions on the controversial metzitzah b’peh circumcision rite.”

To read the Forward article:

Read, New Controversial Circumcision Rite Rules: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, September 25, 2015

Read, De Blasio backs commissioner involved in nursing home sale, April 5, 2016


8 thoughts on “de Blasio’s Allure -no Forgetting Friends

  1. And the bobbing bobov illustrating the ancient tradition of sexually assaulting an infant.
    Reminds me of that unofficial Monsey temple, T & A’s.
    Where the faithful would sit for hours hoping to score a little MBP.
    Then out for a smoke or a little chicken flinging.
    Can’t make this stuff up.

  2. It was obvious we had passed through the looking glass into an insane world when the NYT published a photo of a mohel performing this disgusting act of pedophilia on an infant. Under any other circumstances this photo would have been legally child pornography and everyone who purchased the NYT guilty of serious felonies. But the NYT – like much of the MSM – “tactfully” avoids describing this act for what it is: fellatio upon an infant. The world is horrified.

    • Wow – I didn’t even notice the photos on the top of this page. I have never in my life seen real child porn apart from this and the NYT photo. I encourage you to delete it even though it shows reality. If nothing else, that child – even if anonymous here – should not be fodder for perverts. Thank you so much for all your work.

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