World Perception, Anti-Zionism and Haredim

Part II – How Can There Ever Be Peace in the Middle East When ultra-Orthodox Fundamentalist Jewish Sects are Supporting Palestinian Militants, Harming Both Sides of an Already Precarious Chaotic Balance?

LostMessiah, April 4, 2016

AlMonitor, The Pulse of the Middle East Section, describes in a summary “The ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta faction would rather live under Palestinian rule, while the mainstream ultra-Orthodox community believes that the Zionist state is essential for the Jewish people’s survival.” According to the article:

Rabbi Shmuel Pappenheim is the former editor of the ultra-Orthodox Haedah newspaper. He completely rejects Neturei Karta’s claim that they represent the Torah’s position. Nevertheless, he agrees, at least in part, that support for them is indeed growing. “This group represents an utter deviation from the accepted path that we know,” he said insistently in a conversation with Al-Monitor. “They are forging an alliance with those who hate the Jewish people, such as with the Iranians, who deny the Holocaust, and they rejoice whenever an Israeli soldier falls.” Pappenheim is very worried about the spread of the group’s ideology, too. “This was once a minuscule group. Some people even thought that they would eventually disappear. Today, however, you can see them at demonstrations just about every week, especially in Europe and the United States. It’s very surprising, intriguing actually.”
Pappenheim went on to dissect the difference between the anti-Zionism of Neturei Karta and the anti-Zionist approach of most ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel and around the world. “We are like Neturei Karta,” he explained, “in that we both think that Zionism is a sin. Zionism regards nationalism as the main axis [around which Jewish identity revolves], while we speak of religion as the main axis. Zionism believes in political redemption, while we believe in religious redemption. But it is precisely that point,” continued Pappenheim, “where the debate emerges. Neturei Karta sees everything in black and white. Ultra-Orthodox Judaism takes a more pragmatic approach. The Jewish people went through the Holocaust. No one wanted to accept us. Today the Jewish state is a reality. Despite all the flaws inherent in a Zionist state, it is the best configuration to ensure the survival of the Jewish people. We have to act within that configuration and use our influence within the current reality. We have political power. We pay taxes. We are part and parcel of the system, whether we like it or not.”

This is frightening to consider, particularly if you espouse the position that anti-Zionism is really no different than anti-Semitism. Even if you do not accept that position, the example being set by fringe groups like Neturei Karta, which may be more extremist than groups like the Satmar,the world at large is not seeing the nuanced differences. It’s a matter of perception and it threatens the State of Israel and Judaism at large. In addition, according to the same article, these groups are getting stronger, not weaker.  This should frighten all Jews worldwide.

When push comes to shove, if the extremists succeed in wiping out the State of Israel, they are not going to distinguish between Jews who supported them and those who did not. All Jews, whether ultra-Orthodox or otherwise will be destroyed.

On a website entitled, in an article entitled “ISIS Terror Manual Instructs Jihadists: Avoid Mosques, Shave Beard, Wear Christian Cross… You know, to blend in better for lone-wolf operations.

What follows is a handbook on how to blend in to carry out “lone-wolf” operations. There is little about either the website, which we have not linked simply because we don’t want to be the reason you “click” on the site, or the handbook that we don’t find horrifying.

But more unsettling is a comment on the site, informing the writers that dressing up like Hasidic men is fine because they will watch you kill each other:

“If you dress as Hasidim, they’ll watch you murder one another. Muslim Brotherhood agents in Europe and Washington will slowly impose sharia law on their dhimmified democracies, until the United Nations caliphate fully wakens from its 100-year sleep. As long as we own their media, they will never fight back.”

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