More to the Story, Britain, Education, Safety and Abuse

 By Discriminating against Jewish Children and NOT Intervening, Are we Not Guilty of Anti-Semitism?

BBC report on ‘Illegal’ Chareidi Jewish schools Stamford Hill 31/3/16
LostMessiah, April 4, 2016 

It would appear that Haredi communities throughout the world are guilty of the same abuses against children, whether it be physical or sexual abuse or simply denying an education to children.

There can be no question that physical and sexual abuse has long-lasting implications. The lives of abused children are never the same. Often they become abusers themselves. Sometimes they live a life abusing drugs, and sometimes abusing alcohol. And, then there are the suicides.

Denying a child an education that includes mathematics and English (or the language of the country in which this is occurring), science and history, this too is abuse. It is a form of submission that predisposes a child to a life of illiteracy and poverty. It brokers not future, except a cycle of living within the same community and passing the same illiteracy down to children. And, it is unsustainable.

In Great Britain, there is a government system which demands that schools be registered, whether secular or religious. This includes Muslim schools, Catholic schools, Protestant schools, it is a non-discriminatory policy. Registered schools are required to teach secular subjects. Full stop. But, the British government is discovering more and more that there are children who are unaccounted for in the registered school system, indicating that they are being educated outside the legally established system. Apparently, it has been happening for years and the government, fearing claims of anti-Semitism has failed to intervene, or more nefariously has covered up the system, which they already knew existed, including abuses of children, until now.

The registration not only guarantees (when enforced) that the children receive a government mandated education, but also that the schools are not violating building and safety codes, a problem similar to that of many US and Israeli ultra-Orthodox schools, which are not meeting government standards. 

In Britain, however, the government is cracking down. Investigations are commencing and schools are being compelled to register. Additionally, the Department of Education is being held to task for covering up incidents of abuse and children, unaccounted for in mainstream education. The government is determined to hold people accountable and is in the process of closing unregistered schools, both on educational and safety grounds. And again, Britain’s policies and corresponding crackdown are occurring within all communities that are not meeting mandated standards and registering.

The International Business Times, is reporting, as of April 3, 2016: “Illegal Jewish schools: DoE ‘covered up’ abuse and disappearance of pupils“. This follows a report in The Telegraph on April 1, 2016 about: “Concern for 1,000 boys in illegal schools over ‘narrow’ curriculum.”

Reacting to the news, Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association (BHA), said: “It is simply unacceptable that institutions that exclusively operate to indoctrinate, isolate, and control children are availing themselves of all the benefits that charitable status brings.

“There is nothing charitable about these places, and the inaction of successive Governments in allowing them to stay open for decades, never seen more clearly than in their face-saving, half-measure approach to closing down Tashbar, is a scandal.”


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