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LostMessiah March 30, 2016

Dear Eiruv Rav and Our Readership:

We appreciate you reading our posts, commenting on them, sending us tips and ideas, even formatting changes. We listen and take what is said to heart. We would be grateful if you could spread the word that our page is here, that Shmayra’s vision is somehow continuing; and that we are forever in his debt for all he did, to try and improve our community by bringing out the sins of many of our leaders.

We have decided to remain anonymous because many of us are from a community from which we would be shunned if our identities were brought to light. Many of us know first hand what is happening within our communities and want to stop it from happening. Many of us are women, who are already at a significant disadvantage within the frum community. And, many of us want to give our children better lives than we have had.

We will say that our contributors are international in scope. Our researchers come from all walks of life, both Jewish and secular. We are a fairly large group. We do not, however know the person to whom Eiruv Rav addressed his comments earlier and think it likely that whomever he is would not want that association. If there is such a person and he is attributed to our site by you, we hope he will come forward and assist us with our endeavors.

We reserve the right to delete comments when they contain an inordinate number of profanities, such that the comment becomes distasteful or outright insulting. The use of the c-descriptor for a woman’s genitalia is one such word that we will not accept in our comments, particularly since so many of us are women and there are better ways to make the same comments without that word. However, to the person who found it necessary to use that word in his response on our behalf, we thank you. Please re-post, just stated differently, if you would not mind.  

We reserve the right to delete comments which can only be construed as blatantly anti-Semitic or potentially violence inducing hate speech. We reserve the right to remove comments when we feel the identity of the commenter is best left unnamed or was accidentally divulged. Finally we reserve the right to delete comments which might be slanderous or libelous.

We note that our position is not necessarily the position of our commenters but the comments, barring those reserved for deletion, are appreciated.

Should you want to send us tips, help, assistance, information and do not want to comment, our email contact is:

Finally, to those of you who have expressed the desire to contribute financially to our cause, we have not yet found a way to accomplish that task, though we appreciate the offer and likely could use the donations. As soon as we figure out how to accept donations and maintain our anonymity, we will let you know.





  1. Yidscreed, please repost the comments. On one of them, we thought you had removed. There is an answer but your post was not there and we can’t find it in the notification. On the other, we had reformatted the comments and a few comments were inadvertently deleted. Sorry. We really don’t delete.

  2. @Yidscreed. We have not deleted ANY of your comments. NONE! We have deleted 2 comments since we began this blog and yours were not among them. So, either you DID NOT COMMENT or you don’t remember where you commented. You are free to disagree all you want. As for the donations, we did not ask. We were asked and responded accordingly. And as you see, we have no way to receive them at this point, so we made that clear, as well.

  3. Reading through this poorly written piece I was just waiting for the part where you ask readers for donations. Of course you didn’t disappoint. Living off government programs not enough? And you deleted my comments on other articles that did not contain an inordinate amount of profanities but simply disagreed with your stance. Shmarya, who you continuously profess your undying love and affection for, the mamzer that he is, did not delete comments that disagreed or criticized him. If your going to make this blog a success I would advise you not moderate comments on the level of yeshiva world and to not ask for donations. But because your all either unemployed or working a low level job as your uneducated feminists who are angry at the world and your parents, you”ll seek donations for which you won’t claim on your Medicaid application. Good luck. And maybe just maybe post something original. Do some research. Find a story. Not one post on this blog is original. All aggregated shit copied and pasted.

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