Rockland County Legislator Wants Eisenpress Campaign Finances Probed

Judge Sherri Eisenpress, Her Disgraceful Rulings and Her Questionable Campaign Finances – a Recipe for Success?

LostMessiah March 29, 2016

Rockland County Legislator Charles Falciglia has made no secret of his issues with Judge Sherri Eisenpress’ campaign finances. He has made no bones about taking shots at her connections to people with questionable ties within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. We note the corresponding loosely held secret that if you were a well-providence husband who wanted to screw his ex-wife out of child support and/or her children, Eisenpress was just the right judge to help.

Legislator Falciglia has made it unabashedly clear that when you get 22 donations of $4,000.00 each over a 4-day period beginning July 9, 2011, of which five were from Brooklyn and 14 were first-time donors, there might be some red flags.

Eisenpress in her own right, has done more than her fair share of damage to children and families. She has an uncanny knack for representing the interests of the most endowed within the ultra-Orthodox community.  We hope the finances are investigated and the connections between her campaigns and the cases she has taken on lead to retribution by families who’ve been hurt by her rulings.

Quoting Legislator Falciglia, ““Since Family Court must be above reproach, the place where the most vulnerable among us, children, can be scarred for a long period of time, I believe it is incumbent upon law enforcement to review these campaign contributions to ensure no campaign finance violations have occurred, confirming once and for all that the integrity of the system has not been compromised,” he said at the meeting.”

From Lohud, “Rockland legislator wants Eisenpress donations probed.”



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