Crackdown On NJ Chabad In Rabbi’s Home Is Anti-Haredi, Lawsuit Alleges | The Jewish Week

Crackdown On NJ Chabad In Rabbi’s Home Is Anti-Charedi, Lawsuit Alleges

The head of Chabad in a town adjacent to the Orthodox Jewish stronghold of Lakewood, New Jersey, has sued the town and its planning board alleging discrimination.

Rabbi Moshe Gourarie and the Chabad center of Toms River on Tuesday filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the township and its Board of Adjustment, claiming that Chabad has become the target of community opposition to the haredi Orthodox Jewish population.

Chabad, which has been operating out of the rabbi’s private home in the township for the last 12 years, was recently told it requires a variance to operate as a house of worship. A hearing on the variance is scheduled for next month, the Asbury Park Press reported.

The lawsuit notes in leveling the discrimination accusation that the board allows the American Legion, a church, Ocean County College and the county fire academy to operate in the residential zone.

The rabbi’s weekly Shabbat prayer services bring out up to 20 people, according to the report. The rabbi also holds classes during the week of fewer than 10 students, and Hebrew school for no more than five children for two hours on Sundays.

More than 1,200 residents attended a meeting in December for the first Board of Adjustment meeting on the Chabad center, where the zoning board ruled that the rabbi must seek a use variance to continue operating the Chabad house. The next meeting is scheduled for April 14.

Thomas Kelaher, the mayor of Toms River, was quoted in a recent Bloomberg News story as saying that Orthodox Jews are trying to buy homes in his town and warning local homeowners that if they don’t sell, they will be the only non-Orthodox left.


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2 thoughts on “Crackdown On NJ Chabad In Rabbi’s Home Is Anti-Haredi, Lawsuit Alleges | The Jewish Week

  1. Chabad needs serious investigation; they go to areas where there is barely a minyon; get unaffiliated jews with tons of money to donate to multimillion dollar shuls; have no board and yes the so called “hebrew schools ” or “torah tots” for which they get grants have only a few kids, most of whom don’t have jewish mothers. Its become the Jewish worlds biggest scam. No board; no accountability and man do they rake in the $$$$. Huge Chillul Hashem

  2. chabad shliyah rabbis are multi millionnaires . They can easily afford the most expensive lawyers nobody can afford . But they don’t always win , just because they are chabad .
    Just type chabad mafia on Google and you’ll read bad reviews about the evil cult .
    I am sure Judges and lawyers type chabad on the Internet to have an idea about who chaBAD is .
    They’ll know . So, they’ll know who they are dealing with to give them an idea what they should do .

    …..Shabbat prayer services bring 20 people ‘… that’s a lie . It is much more than that .
    …..classes fewer than 10 children , also a lie .
    ……Hebrew school , no more than 5 children ‘… a blatant lie , no Judge will believe .
    Just by looking at chabad rabbis is enough for the Judge to figure out those characters are nothing but sorcerers escaped from russian witch huts .

    There is a lot of fraud at chabad citing religious organization not to pay real estate tax on the property , not to report actual earned income in order not to pay their income tax and much more .

    I’d like to know who’s gonna win in this lawsuit .

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