ArutzSheva – Rubashkin Case Gets New Life

Rubashkin Crime Family – Getting New Life for an Old Case, Opening Doors for New Investigations into Family Finances?

LostMessiah, March 28, 2016

As Rubashkin again appeals to the Courts for a review of his sentence, claiming, amongst other things that the prosecution withheld evidence and further that he had little choice but to take the sentence, we ask ourselves whether the courts and investigators did enough to locate the many millions in family assets owned and operated by Sholom Rubashkin. Evidence has been uncovered to link an Israeli slaughterhouse to Rubashkin’s Agriprocessors, which FailedMessiah reported in 2015. Not only, in our view, has he opened himself up to scrutiny, again; but he has opened the doors to a new review of his family’s assets and the activities of at least one of his children, Sholom Rubashkin (Junior) who treats his tenants, much like Rubashkin treated his cows.

From an article posted a few hours ago by ArutzSheva, entitled “Rubashkin case gets new life“, the following:

“Sholom Rubashkin, 56, serving his seventh year of a controversial 27-year prison sentence in the United States for offenses connected to his running of a slaughterhouse in Iowa – the largest kosher meat-packing plant in the country – may now have reason to be encouraged.

A motion filed this week by his attorneys brings powerful evidence of government misconduct and abuse of power in the case – highlighted by government figures’ denials under oath that are directly contradicted by many testimonies.

The motion – a Merits Brief – supports the “2255 petition” that was filed in 2014 calling for judicial relief and resentencing for Rubashkin. A “2255 petition” is one that allows a convict to re-open a conviction and submit additional evidence that could not be brought during a regular appeal. The petition, and now the Merits Brief, purport to show that the government misconduct caused Rubashkin’s sentence to be even more severe, by two years, than the unusually harsh punishment requested by the prosecution.

Rubashkin, a Chabad hassid and father of ten, was the CEO of the Agriprocessors plant when it was cited in 2008 for issues involving animal treatment, hiring illegal workers, and others. In November 2009, Rubashkin was convicted of 86 charges of bank fraud and the like, mainly having to do with a $35 million bank loan that he could not pay back – due to what government elements called Rubashkin’s “fraudulent business practices.” The 27-year-sentence was then calculated based on the high loss caused to the bank.

However, the 2255 petition and the Merits Brief show that it was in fact the government’s actions that purposely caused Agriprocessors’ value to drop to a fraction of its value, thus preventing Rubashkin from selling his company at a fair price and then paying back most of the loan.

The main point brought out in the new evidence is that several would-be buyers of Agriprocessors were scared off by a government rule known as “No Rubashkins.” That is, potential buyers were told that the government would not accept any involvement of a member of the Rubashkin family in the future operations of the plant. This rule, and the warnings associated with it, caused many of the potential buyers to drop out. In the end, the plant that was originally valued at nearly $70 million was sold for only a fraction thereof – $8 million.

Though both the prosecuting attorney and the government’s star witness Paula Roby (liaison between the bankruptcy trustee, the Agriprocessors bidders, and the prosecutors) later denied in writing or under oath that a “No Rubashkins” policy existed, many would-be bidders have submitted affidavits that it existed very intensely. For instance, Roby testified that a $40 million offer from an investor named Soglowek fell through because the latter “realized the company was not worth the amount he had offered for it.” In fact, however, “that is untrue,” according to a sworn statement by Mr. Soglowek. He recounted that he was actually intimidated by the government’s forfeiture threats and warnings of “very bad consequences” if he employed any Rubashkins.”

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One thought on “ArutzSheva – Rubashkin Case Gets New Life

  1. Yeah, the Feds should get into rubashkin’s finances . I’m sure the rubashkin ‘s fam did a lot of fraud …( not reporting incomes and more that we can think) . Then, the glorious felon should be getting more jail than the 27 years , 20 more years to go . Or his children could go to jail if their names are in the biz . That’s the way sholom R could be more liable when the Freds gets into his current finances and learn more . More fraud can come up as a result of new investigation .

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