A Message to Eiruv Rav/Diversified Holding….

Eruv Rav, Diversified Holding, the new owner of FailedMessiah.com

Eiruv Rav Publicly Attacks LostMessiah – Perhaps We Struck a Nerve?

On Facebook, Eiruv Rav seems to have gotten their knickers in a twist by our activities on this site.

From a FB post:

Who is this stupid plagiarist? Literaly copy and pasting entire articles. He/she seems to have bought the “lostmessiah.com” domain to run his/her illegal operation. Fits that it’s a Shmarya enthusiast. The copy and paste skills are a unique indicator of the Shmarya demographic.

Lost Messiah says they “hope to be a source of information, a call for unity amongst the Jewish communities,” I guess in the same way that Saddam tried to build Iraq-Kuwait unity. Moron

So we must ask ourselves: what is meant by that comment? Who is the Iraqi and who is the Kuwait in this scenario? And, while the current Facebook picture for Eiruv Rav has changed from its original iteration, initially it was clear that Eiruv Rav is owned by Diversified Holding, the same entity which purchased the FailedMessiah site. Today… not so much.

So, either that page was a lie when it initially joined FB or the folks at Diversified (FailedMessiah’s owners) are trying to create a ruse. Either way, onward we go. And no; we will not be purchased, not now, not in 3 years from now. Since we likely will not be able to read a lawsuit, we are not concerned about getting served…. public domain and all…

We remain thankful to Shmayra and aspire to be at least partially as accomplished as he was. For the folks at Eiruv Rav, if you are true to whatever mission you seem to be trying to impart, and are not actually Diversified (something we doubt), you might want to consider not shutting YOUR eyes to the abuses and frauds within your community, which Shmayra was trying so hard to uncover. 

To Eiruv Rav and Diversified, when you cut a rose in just the right spot, it grows a dozen more roses and far more thorns. You may want to keep that in mind…


21 thoughts on “A Message to Eiruv Rav/Diversified Holding….

  1. @ AruvRav – the picture up on FB is what made the association, nothing more, nothing less. We will live with the illiteracy remarks and you can continue to make them. We do not know whom you are associating with our site, nor do we know whose picture you have up on yours. We are mostly women and are proud of that point which we stated. If you could kindly remove whatever associations you are trying to make, we would be grateful because credit should only be given where credit is due. Feel free to criticize LostMessiah all you want. If you were truly trying to extend a vision of a frum world without crime and abuse, you might actually be able to help us. As it is, your site is simply a mishmash of confusion without any particular direction. Your hatred for Shmayra, obvious. We believe him to be a hero to the frum world and the abused children within it. L’Chaim – LM

  2. fuck you c… fu and the schvartza donkey putz in your mouth and your ass 24 7 you think you sound smart making quotes from others who are smarter than you here’s a quote go mezitzah peh a newborn donkey schvantz and stop defending your lifestyle of 75000 dollars to shoot kids out of your woman clown car c…

  3. The only thing you put into hibernation is your brain. Sad little stalker….stalks and stalks….and then find another target.
    The depth of your delusion is your taking responsibility for FM’s demise. Still…if it means more little boys being able to suck your dick without consequence, it must be all good. You’re not even a good frumma – dregs always sink to the bottom…and there they feed.

  4. “None of you come to Shmarya’s asshole in terms of intelligence and perseverance.”

    Well, you can rest assured that you come to Shmarya’s asshole in terms of intelligence and perseverance.

    “He may have been a bigot, but at least he was literate.”

    Oh, whine on. You’re little stalker, between victims, doing temp work as a Grammar Nazi. Get real. Shmarya needed an editor as much as we all do. Look at your own illiterate FB screenshot above: “Diversified Holding.” Moron, it’s “Diversified Holdings,” the new ultra-Orthodox owners of FailedMessiah, and ironically, excellent examples of deficient haredi education.
    (ha, ha)

    And I don’t have to be like Shmarya. I just have to do whatever I want to do with my young blog. Right? Certainly it will continually grow and become better. How cool is that? We may even see similar blogs emerge, which will give me someone to link to and you someone new to stalk and complain about. Maybe you’ll even catch a few grammar errors… really make your day.

    BTW, why don’t you explain why you put “Diversified Holding” on your FB page? Are you in any way associated with them, or were you just acting out another of your self-importance fantasies?
    I suspect the latter since you seem as in the dark as everyone else about the details of the FM buyout.

  5. Oh wow, I just looked at your blog for the first time. It’s awesome to see the FM logo again. Are you concerned about TM infringement? The new owner probably owns it now but if they came after you at least we’d know who they were! So, can you please use it on your site as your logo?

    The first thing I read was “has at times descended too (sic). Nevertheles(sic)” so, although I got a laugh out of your remark above “A perfect demonstration of my first point.”, that’s always gonna come back and bite you.

    Can you tell me what this means: سنشتاق إليك ?

    I am not proud of myself that I miss the vitriol of FM. I miss Shmarya a lot. I especially miss the ease with which I was able to maneuver that old worn out site. I can’t get used to C-D or LM.

    I said it more than once, Shmarya was an asshole, but he was our asshole. Maybe you could be my new asshole.

    • @dh, the FM logo is FM’s and theirs alone. The reason why you are seeing it is the connection to EruvRav. As for navigation, we are happy to try and fix it. The new FM is not true to Shmayra’s aim. It is a pro-ultra-Orthodox site with pro-ultra-Orthodox propaganda. Thanks for the comments, as always.

  6. Yay! Only Tuesday and we already have “Moron of the Week”!! “An eruv ([ʔeˈʁuv]; Hebrew: עירוב , “mixture”, also transliterated as eiruv or …”

    Further, if you had any recognizable cognitive skills, you would know that this site is not one individual, but many, plus it gets input from a growing audience.

    Shmarya started a business from scratch and now he’s laughing at you all the way to the bank. What have you started and built up from nothing?

    Keep trying.

  7. “Eruv Rav Publicly Attacks LostMessiah – Perhaps We Struck a Nerve?”

    I’ve been publicly attacked by him too and even have my own tag there.
    But, don’t feel so honored. Eiruv Rav just desperately needs a new somebody to stalk so he can feel a sense of purpose again. He’s looking for a replacement for Shmarya Rosenberg. Without someone to hate, he really has no blog and nothing to do but write about something lame, like Artscroll edits.

    Neither of us is anti-religious enough to be a very good ‘Shmarya stalking replacement target’ for Eiruv Rav (though he’ll take whatever he can get). He needs to be able to create an illusion of someone being an undisputed anti-Semite. But more blogs are likely to arise from the loss of Failed Messiah, so Eiruv Rav will be able to get back to his full-time stalking sooner or later. He seems to be courting that Mendlowitz guy now. Anyway, Eiruv Rav (or anyone who blogs to stalk) has a problem. He’s a creep.

  8. ‘Eiruv Rav’ is an a**hole . I ‘m wondering who he is , some kind of messed up orthodox .

    Eiruv Rav got f***ed up real good , bc he did not have time to get peace minded thinking the termination of Shmaya ‘s Failedmessiah was done , only to find out that two more awesome blogs
    LostMessiah.com and Chafraud Depravitch successfully replaced Shmarya’s Failedmessiah .

    Eiruv Rav is eating his heart out . The public knows more about the sh*t of the orthodox communitIES MORE THAN EVER BEFORE .

    Personally , from what I can see , I think Eiruv Rav’ is a nerdy orthodox , a perfect glorious loser
    whose mission is to cover up child sexual abuse , financial fraud , protecting pedophiles and all the sh*t that’s going on in the orthodox communities .

    • Norm P, as we guess you probably know, we are doing this voluntarily and in addition to our jobs and so, yes, we can always use contributions. However, we have not quite figured out how to do that and still retain our anonymity, which given the ultimate outcome of FM, you can see is important. If we manage to figure that out, we’ll let you know. Thanks for the question. For now, please keep following, keep posting and keep sharing.

  9. Also interesting that as his main image he posts a photo of the two Satmar Rebbes, with their mouths wide open for their House Bochurs

  10. Eruv Rav exhibits a degree of mentall illness that is indicative of their sick hate they have for others who dont see the world as they do.

    • Why would anyone work so hard to protect molesters unless the were one themselves? Eiruv RAv…or should we just call him Rechnitz’s mouthpiece.

      Just like the ‘House Bochur’ of the Squweeere likes to light fires in between sucking s Rebbe’s dick, likewise Eiruv Rav is taking it from Rechnitz…in more than one way.

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