Kosher Meatpacking Executive Wants New Sentence


Kosher Slaughterhouse Magnate is Trying to Get his Case Shortened Again.

Sholom Rubashkin, Kosher Slaughterhouse Magnate, Convicted in 2009 for Money Laundering, is AgainTrying for Shortened Sentence this time,claiming that the Prosecutors Withheld Evidence. Rubashkin tried and failed, in 2012, to get the Supreme Court to hear the case on appeal.

We would be remiss if we did not remind our readership that Rubashkin in addition to his conviction, was acquitted on all 67 child labor law violation. The picture above is taken from his acquittal.

From the DesMoines Register, March 22, 2016

Rubashkin says new evidence should shorten sentence

“Rubashkin, 56, has served nearly seven years behind bars after he was convicted in 2009 of financial fraud for bilking the plant’s bank by submitting fake invoices that made the company’s finances appear healthier than they were so that it could borrow more. His prosecution came after federal authorities raided the plant and arrested 389 illegal immigrants in 2008. Agriprocessors then filed for bankruptcy.

Prosecutors presented testimony at Rubashkin’s sentencing that they had not imposed restrictions on the family’s involvement in any business that purchased Agriprocessors.”

“Paula Roby, a lawyer for the bankruptcy trustee, testified that claims by bidders of a no-Rubashkins policy were false rumors, adding: “The grapevine can be a very unreliable thing.” U.S. District Judge Linda Reade accepted Roby’s testimony for purposes of calculating the loss, saying it discredited claims by defense witnesses that prosecutors’ interference hurt the sale price.

But the new notes from a 2008 meeting between prosecutors and bankruptcy trustee representatives appear to bolster the defense’s claim and undercut Roby, who was at the meeting.”

For the entire article, click here.

For the corresponding article from The Republic, “Attorneys for imprisoned former kosher meatpacking executive Sholom Rubashkin say they have discovered “overwhelming evidence” of prosecutorial misconduct that proves his 27-year prison sentence for money laundering is too long” click here.


8 thoughts on “Kosher Meatpacking Executive Wants New Sentence

  1. Iowa is not NY . Iowa is not Brooklyn and does not have Ken Thompson as D.A . Big difference.

    rubashkin settled in the wrong place , thinking he can do whatever he wants bc Iowa seemed by appearance a depressed mid West area . Little he knew that the Iowa courts of law are very tough and do not bend like the Brooklyn courts .

    • His son, Sholom Jr., has been alleged to have engaged in shady business practices with regard to his rent-stabilized tenants. FailedMessiah reviewed that, as well. We agreed with you regarding Iowa and Ken Thomson in NY. The culture of political manipulation in New York is dangerous because it simply opens the State up to corruption, much like Chicago in the mafia-laden “Untouchables” years.

  2. No evidence , nothing , no lawyers either to get him out of jail . Not that soon , rubashkin is gonna sit in jail for at least 15 years to have his case reconsidered .

    Lawyers will bs him to extort millions from him to make him believe there is a chance to get him out of jail . But he won’t win . It’s a waste of time and a lot of money for nothing .

    If rubashkin still hopes , that must be the moschiah who is bugging him . rubashkin must come back to reality and accept his fate , bc he did enough sh*t , too much , more than it is allowed . He has no respect for the secular laws that govern the country and total disrespect for human beings and children .
    He thinks he can do anything he wants by holding the Tanya Book , fraud right and left like there’s no to morrow , going out of control like you can’t believe and now he has the nerve to want to get out jail . He is full of himself , what a piece of sh*t .

    • According to FailedMessiah, he had no respect for the animals he slaughtered, or frankly the Jewish laws that demand compassion for the animals we use to feed ourselves. We are not even certain if that plant, given the PETA videos, could be legitimately deemed Kosher, even if some paid rabbi were to sanction the abusive slaughter in those plants.

  3. Magnate and multi millionaire , but the Feds could not find any millions under his name or his wife’s name , only a bank account with peanuts in it .
    Where are his millions ? Swiss bank accounts ?

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