Anti-Semitic or Anti-Gentilic… To be or Not to be

Are laws being Created Against Blockbusting, Particlarly as those Laws Focus on an Illegal Activity of ultra-Orthodox Real-Estate Agents, anti-Semitic or are they Really Intended to Stop Anti-Gentillic Behavior


A Repost of an article in a FB Page “Clarkstown-What They Don’t Want You to Know”

LostMessiah, March 27, 2016

Parallels of Clarkstown and Ramapo to Toms River and Lakewood – Anti-Semitism or Anti-Gentilism?

In New Jersey Lakewood’s population is expanding by leaps and bounds. According to records from Lakewood released to the Associated Press, its population has gone from 93,000 in the 2010 census to 120,000 now. That’s a 25 percent increase in just over half a decade.

Lakewood is largely Hasidic and next door Toms River is feeling the negative effects of that growth. The majority of the 9,000 Toms River residents requested the township to stop unsolicited visits from realtors. An ordinance is now going into effect this week to shield them. A ‘cease and desist’ order goes into effect, essentially expanding a no-knock ordinance already in effect to include realtors, most of whom are Hasidic Jews from Lakewood.

Looking at similar growth in Ramapo and with unsolicited realtor door knocking occurring in Chestnut Ridge and Pearl River, one wonders if no-knock ordinances in Clarkstown and Orangetown are now required? As we mentioned in an earlier post, the Town of Orangetown is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, April 12 at 8 PM in Town Hall, 26 Orangeburg Rd, Orangeburg, NY to discuss strengthening of its code concerning ‘hawking and peddling’.

The question that will be raised by these proposed code changes is: “Are they anti-Semitic”?

However, this question should be reversed and one needs to ask: “Is a religious group, that seeks to displace non-Jewish residents from their homes ‘en masse’ to establish segregated zones for Hasidic residents, behaving as anti-Gentiles”?

Anti-Semitism or anti-Gentilism? – The answer may lie in asking who is the ‘aggressor’ and who is the ‘victim’ of acts of unsolicited ‘hawking and peddling’.

The doctrine of the Hasidim is that only they are human (man), and that the universe was created for them alone. Non-Jews (goyim) were created to support them. Thus arises the pernicious belief by the Hasidim that the ‘goyim’ behave as ‘anti-Semites’ when they act to protect their property, their homes, and their financial resources from usurpation and fraud.

Until that basic belief of this ultra-Orthodox sect is clearly understood by the ‘goyim’ of Toms River, Clarkstown and elsewhere, their lives, liberties, and the pursuit of their happiness will never be secure.

See full News11 Article here


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