E-Rate Funding For Schools, Internet Prohibited, Theft and Hypocrisy All Tied Up for Mishloach Manot

 Protesting Against the Internet כינוס כלל ישראל 5

A Gathering of Hassidic (MEN) Protests AGAINST the Internet and Acceptance of Funds FOR the Internet….. Hypocrisy at its Very Best

We will ask: “Where the Women are seated?”

LostMessiah, March 24, 2016

The article in the series we are about to print is a condemnation of a system that purports to want to educate its children but in essence is violating the very values of that education. It is an interesting article but requires a bit of an understanding of the terms. In the article, to some sense, it would appear that the author is condemning even the terms for being inherently violated by their very nature.

Importantly, the article is a tacit acknowledgement that something is very wrong. We ask that you take a look at the comments, one of which, the most profound, has been reprinted here as well. It appears to be from someone who believes that something is very wrong.  Our read is that the author is asking the same questions we ask regularly: “How can a group of people who claim to be studying Torah, religious, devout, allow this type of behavior within the community, if not condone it.

To find the article as originally printed click, here.

Dictionary of terms:
[note to reader – many of these terms are Yiddish slang with which those of us who may have familiarity with the language are unfamiliar. If there are corrections required, please send along]-
[note to reader – we also used the assistance of an online dictionary]
  1. ama ratzishe baalei batim – “land of laymen” – “A world of nothings” – pejorative – Think telling your child if they are studying with the wrong people, they will grow up to be just like them.
  2. am haaretz – “Homeland” – literally “nation of the earth”
  3. Baalei Boos – “Nothings” or “Losers”
  4. Baali Batim – “Laymen”
  5. Chas V’sholem – “May it never happen” or “Heaven forbid”
  6. Chinuch – “Education” – in Hebrew it is the referred to as the overall education of children, the way in which children are raised
  7. Choizik – “Righteous” or “Correct” or “Strong” – from Chazak which means strong in Hebrew – CORRECTION: “a slang pejorative meaning to poke fun at”
  8. Chutzpah – “Gaul” or “Nerve”
  9. Daf – “Paper”
  10. Daf Yoimie – “Syllabus” – literal translation “Daily Page”
  11. frum – “Religious”
  12. frum heimische – “Religious and devout” understood to mean better than the rest
  13. frum heimische mosdos – “Institutes of learning for devout religious”
  14. Gedolim – “higher-ups” “great and powerful” – think Wizard of Oz
  15. Hashem – “G-d” – “He whose name is not spoken” – Jews are forbidden from saying G-d’s name so that is the term used in daily speech.
  16. Kollel – “Learning Institution” come to be known as the Institute for full-time learning of Troah for married Jewish men
  17. leoso bisha – “is this not an embarrassment”
  18. Lomdshe ama ratzim – “Racing to Study” – Think Brainwashed
  19. Melamdim – “Teachers”
  20. Mezzuza – This is the prayers scroll that is at every entryway to every door (not a bathroom). The significance is that it is an acknowledgement that G-d is watching and protecting.
  21. “moiche” – difficult to translate – “condemning”
  22. Mosdois – “Insitutions” context – higher learning
  23. Mosdos HaTorah – “Institutions of learning Torah” – Yeshivas
  24. Rachmana litzlun – “hypocrisy” – Rachmana or Rachmunis is pity or empathy. Lizlun is unclear but taken together it appears it is intended to mean an oxymoron, a good/bad.
  25. Rabbonim – “Rabbis”
  26. Roshei Yeshivah – “Heads of the Yeshivah”
  27. Schar Limud – “Tuition”
  28. shiur – “Lesson”
  29. Teretz – “Answer”
  30. Yiddisha kinderleich – “Yiddish children” – for older generation secular education, it was meant as Jewish children – children of the educated Jews, not necessarily religious
  31. Yiddishekeit – “Yiddish learning” – for non-religious it has grown to mean, Yiddish education and cultural understanding


Reprinted from DusIsNies– Translation IT IS ENOUGH

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Holy Mosdois Ha’Torah made sure to organize huge protests against the Internet!

But where are the protests against the Mosdos HaTorah that took  Federal Funds earmarked for computers and  for the school buildings to be wired for internet?

Isn’t that hypocrisy?
What are we teaching the children?
Why haven’t we heard ONE SINGLE gadol being “moichah” on this?

I’m not talking about where the funds actually went, that is for the FBI to investigate, I am just lamenting the fact that with one mouth, they condemn the internet, threatening the children with expulsion, and at the same time applying for the school to be wired for the internet?

Back in the days when I went to yeshiva, I remember well when the Roshei Yeshivah would make choizik from Baali Batim ….

“What’s  going to be with you … you will grow up to be a Baalei Booos? Chas V’sholem?”
“Oy Vey, that’s a baal boos teretz to the toisfois,Ha ha!”
“Why are you davening with the Baalei Batim? You’ll grow up to be a big am haaretz?”
“you’re learning the Daf Yoimie? that’s for the ama ratzishe baalei batim?”

As I grew up, I learned quickly that the Talmedei Chachumim were the “Baalei Batim” who knew far more than the “lomdeshe ama ratzim” in Kollel.I learned quickly that it was the Baalie Batim that were up 5 in the morning chapping a daf,(while the Kollel guys were fast asleep) running to work, reviewing the daf at lunch, and then after a hard days work, grabbing a bite and running back to shul for another shiur.
I learned rather quickly that the Baalei Batim were far more learned, far more honest and far more diligent in business dealing then the Rabbonim.

Now the naive Baalei Batim are wondering why the kollel guys that had the time to attend the anti-internet asifas …are quiet and not saying one word in protest to the menahlim of Mosdos HaTorah that took millions to have the internet wired in the buildings!

The “baalei batim” are also wondering, “if the mosdos took the funds and didn’t wire the schools, then why haven’t the melamdim been paid in months?”
“Why did the “schar limud” go up if they had the millions from the internet grants?”


Echter yid said…

Answer on your first question is? We are not aloud to have computers and not internet, but the ( biggest chutzpah is that lots of this so called, (robb,bunim,) who always attended the rally against the internet, they still have in their own offices and in their houses computers with internet,,now your asking why the( robb,bunim ) are not condemning the chilul hashem that the mosdos took money for computers with internet to be installed in the mosdos,? What about walking into most most frum hiemisha mosdos hatorah from/Boro park/ flatbush/especially the frum hiemisha Williamsburg/ Monsey/Monroe,the holy kiryas joel/ and almost all of them have the so called programs like ,,title.1,, and other kinds of programs from the government, and with this kind of programs the mosdos hatorah are not not not aloud to learn any ,,yiddishkiet,,with /our/your/ precious children and grandchildren, not even talking about hashem,?? Or having a (mezuza) on the class rooms not even aloud to remind hashems name,,in such class rooms,,Rachmana litzlun,?, where is this condemnation,,? From the rabunim,? Who ever ever dreamed that our frum mosdos hatorah will become so low and excepting this kind of programs in the (chinuch system’s) for ifew stinky dollars,?, for some dollars we wiped out hashems name from the mosdos hatorah,?, what a shame,? Now we understand why we have so much but thousands of frum yiddisha kinderlech off the derech,? No no not because the internet,? ,but because hashems name was sold out in the yeshivas and in the schools where the children where send to learn Torah and learn about hashem,
Instead our children where sitting in ( title.1. Class rooms) where they learned forget about hashem,? Forget about the Torah,? The fact is that today we have much much more,,children off the yiddish derech ,,then we had years ago,,why are the mosdos Hatorah and the rabunim blind????? To see that hashem is angry on the mosdos hatorah,? and he is punishing the children for this,? Oy leoso bisha,?


3 thoughts on “E-Rate Funding For Schools, Internet Prohibited, Theft and Hypocrisy All Tied Up for Mishloach Manot

  1. I believe that ‘choizik” (number 7) means (to make) “fun of” NOT righteous or similar.
    and that would be correct in the context used in the article:
    “I remember well when the Roshei Yeshivah would make choizik from Baali Batim ….”

    Although it may come from the word chazak it is meant sarcastically when used in a sentence like that …

    • That you. While the authors, many of whom grew up speaking Yiddish because it was the language of our grandparents, either secular or religious, the new nuances and slang terms are more difficult. Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated.

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