Politics Gone Awry II…. the Self-Interest of Elected Officials – The Eisenpress Files

Judge Sherri EisenpressEisenpress_n

Judge Sherri Eisenpress, The Judge You Want to Avoid if You are out of Favor with the Religious Community, or if you Have Not Contributed to Her Campaign…

On March 12, 2016, it was reported by The Rockland Times, in an article entitled “No, Judge, YOU Leave the Courtroom: Gerard hits Eisenpress with foreboding pejorative” that Judge Sherri Eisenpress had ordered an attorney’s arrest during a custody hearing, denying the mother the right to see her children and allowing the father, who had violated court orders and arrived late, to continue with custody of the children.

The attorney, William A. Gerard, was representing a Hasidic mother, Kalya Biener. Biener had been seeking visitation rights for her children whom her ex-husband, Yoel Biener was denying her, using all manor of unsavory tactics.

As the story goes… Biener

“arrived after 2 p.m. and the young children were acting so unruly that probation worker, Debbie Whitaker, called the Rockland County Sheriff’s to help contain the situation….. What followed was that the father who ignored the court’s order to appear than apparently lied….The father locked the children in thecar when the Sheriff’s department responded and said the children NEVER left he car. He stated to the cops that four and six year old children were too terrified of their mother to leave exit the vehicle.”

Judge Eisenpress, proceeded with the case while the children were locked in the car which was surrounded by court officers.When Gerard asked the judge to hold the father in contempt for arriving late and coercing the children to not see their mother, Judge Eisenpress denied the request and stated that she would not demand the children see their mother. When Gerard tried to defend his client, Judge Eisenpress ordered that he be locked up for contempt.

This is not the first time Judge Sherri Eisenpress has been linked to unconscionable rulings or to questionable business practices. On April 4th, 2013, The Rockland Voice reported in an article entitled, “Stern Also Linked to Eisenpress” it was reported that

dnainfo.com has confirmed reports that link Monsey-based FBI informant and real estate developer Moses “Mark” Stern to Rockland County Family Court Justice Sherri Eisenpress.

According to the report, Stern had helped finance Eisenpress’ campaign and had also represented Stern in a 2011 civil case “Amusement Industry v.. Midland Avenue Associates.” That case involved the misappropriation of funds.

In an article entitled, “Four Thousand Shades of Political Gray“, posted in the online publication rocklandvoice.com on February 26, 2015, Charles Falcigilia, currently a legislator in Rockland County, posted about Judge Eisenpress’ campaign finances the following:

“The campaign finance disclosures, however, of current Rockland County Family Court Judge, Sherri Eisenpress, Friends of Sherri Eisenpress, and the transactions connected to her 2011 campaign for that office is by far the most intriguing. Between July and December of 2011, Friends of Sherri Eisenpress received two $5,000.00 donations, twenty-five $4,000.00 donations, one for $3,500.00 and one for $3,000.00; a total of $116,500.00. Eighteen of those donations came from seventeen individuals totaling $70,500.00 and eleven came from ten business entities for $46,000.00.”

That is only a small part of the thousands and thousands of dollars donated to Judge Eisenpress for her campaign, the majority of which came from ultra-Orthodox or Hasidic families. It is little wonder that she is beholden to that community; but one might ask why she is not beholden to those within that community who need her most, like mothers denied access to their children. At what point in the proceedings is the honorable Judge given instructions regarding which side she must favor?

On March 23, 2016, FB posted the link of now Legislator Falciglia’s call for a criminal investigation into the campaign finances of Judge Sherri Eisenpress. It is about time. To see his comments, click, here.

If Judge Eisenpress is investigated, we have little doubt that she will be found in violation of campaign finance laws, amongst other things. With some hope, she will be removed and perhaps the most vulnerable within the Hasidic community, those out of favor, will get fair treatment.

We are intrigued by the list of endorsements of Judge Eisenpress from 2011. We wonder how many of these people would still endorse her…




  1. For a link to “Rockland County Legislator Charles Falciglia Calls For Investigation Into Campaign Contributions Of Judge Sherri Eisenpress” from Facebook, click, here.
  2. For a link to “No, Judge, YOU Leave the Courtroom: Gerard hits Eisenpress with foreboding pejorative” click, here.
  3. For a link to “Four Thousand Shades of Political Gray” click, here.

5 thoughts on “Politics Gone Awry II…. the Self-Interest of Elected Officials – The Eisenpress Files

  1. […] Eisenpress in her own right, has done more than her fair share of damage to children and families. She has an uncanny knack for representing the interests of the most endowed within the ultra-Orthodox community.  We hope the finances are investigated and the connections between her campaigns and the cases she has taken on lead to retribution by families who’ve been hurt by her rulings. […]

    • Yes, you can use that and a garbage can in the same way. Judges are untouchable, they make the rules, deny justice and destroy children\families. Judge eisenpress has a history of this. We will start a social media campaign to ensure she is not re elected. Please join us.

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