Lakewood, Toms River, Drugs… No Blockbusting

The Great Deception of Lakewood and Toms River, Who’s at Fault for the Tensions?

by LostMessiah, March 20, 2016


Toms River residents are staying strong as they fight the “invasion” of ultra-Orthodox home hunters looking to intimidate them into selling their homes, with the ultimate goal an expansion of Lakewood. The following article came out in the Shore News Networks.


Lakewood’s Leaders Have it All Wrong; We are NOT the Problem

An Editorial by Shore News Network editor Phil Stilton

Caption: Lakewood Mayor MillerLakewood Mayer.jpg

LAKEWOOD-Although Toms River Mayor Thomas Kelaher is being besieged by the Lakewood Orthodox community leaders and press over his use of the word invasion to described the real onslaught of Orthodox Jewish realtors based out of Lakewood disturbing the peace in the northern section of the town and others, members of that community are also engaging in their own word-twisting and hurtful speech.
In this week’s Lakewood Shopper, a report slamming Kelaher and the residents of Toms River stated, “Toms River is a town plagued by drugs, crime and urban decay. Lakewood too has suffered from drugs and crime from Toms River expanding over the border and spilling into Lakewood.”

“It would behoove Mr. Kelaher to focus on real problems facing his community, rather than focusing his efforts on promoting ethnic tension,” the report continued.
But facts obtained from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office this week dispute the claim that drugs from Toms River are spilling over into Lakewood and data received from the prosecutor’s office over the past 12 months suggests the opposite is the truth.
Drugs from Lakewood are plaguing Toms River and other nearby communities. It has been the case for many years.

In the first three months of 2016, there has been only two reported incidents of drug overdoses in Lakewood and three in Toms River. When you compare that to 13 in Brick, 7 in the small borough of Beachwood and 7 in Point Pleasant Borough, it’s hard to imagine that Lakewood’s drug problem is borne in Toms River.

On August 15th of last year, Lakewood drug dealer Johntel Thomas was indicted for distributing; In October, Lakewood resident resident Octavious Jenkins was stopped driving his Mercedes Benz in Toms River carrying $2,500 in proceeds from his illegal drug transactions after he was caught dealing in Toms River by undercover police officers.
Later, police raided his Lakewood Township home where they uncovered Jenkins’ crack distribution operation.

Two years ago, 13 Lakewood residents were arrested in a raid at a Lakewood Apartment complex, found to be a major source of heroin distribution in Northern Ocean County and southern Monmouth County.

Dawn Rosser, another Lakewood resident was arrested in a sting that also nabbed nine other Lakewood gang members who were all charged and convicted of running a massive drug distribution operation. The operation was the result of a multi-agency effort led by the the FBI.

In February, a butcher-knife wielding man chased another down Route 88.
In March of last year, a Lakewood man was charged for the death of the son of Seaside Heights Mayor William Akers.

In August, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office conducting a drug search at Jackson Liberty High School, in an effort to combat the flow of drugs from Lakewood, which starts at the border of the high school grounds into the school. The OCPO said that operation was part if an “incredible simultaneous operation” that also uncovered a tri-state drug distribution ring that extended from New York City to Philadelphia with many conspirators from Lakewood.

To say Toms River’s drugs are spilling into Lakewood is a farce that has no factual backing nor do any police actions over the past two years support that claim. Instead, they show clearly that Lakewood is central in many large scale drug distribution operations in Ocean County.

That epidemic lies squarely on the shoulders of Lakewood Mayor Manashe Miller and his lack of attention towards the problems plaguing Lakewood’s African American population. A segment of the population, that although he feels is not “Lakewood”, is just as much a part of Lakewood as his own religous community. Why not help them live the American dream like others in your town?

It was just shy of one month ago that a man, and member of one of Lakewood’s prominent families offered a homeless man $5 to pour a cup of hot coffee on his head.

It was Lakewood where a rabbi received a 10 year prison term for offering to orchestrate violent kidnappings to force men in that community to honor their wives divorces.
Lakewood is rife with violent crime, gun crime and gang violence like no other town in Ocean County.

Just last week, a fire in a home being used as an illegal dorm burned down. Nobody was injured, but the headline could have easily been “Teens Found Dead in Illegal Dorm Fire”. Lakewood officials for decades have turned a blind eye to extremely dangerous housing problems.

Lakewood’s school system is a trainwreck. Funds are gobbled up to support your community’s sexual segregation of children while non frum children flounder in one of the most ill-managed school districts in New Jersey.

So as the leaders of Lakewood continue to condemn Toms River and Jackson residents for being threatened because unscrupulous real estate buyers have caused an ongoing public disturbance, Lakewood is not the model society for the rest of the county to look up to, no matter how much Menashe and other community leaders want us to believe in his damning letter to Mayor Thomas Kelaher.

So Mayor Miller, as you point the finger at the wrongs of the communities and leaders around you and throw the “Holocaust” card in the faces of simple homeowners just looking to enjoy their civil liberties and to live in peace and quiet, remember, that was over 70 years ago now. Many of the people you condemn and call anti-semetic had parents and grandparents who were wounded, maimed and even killed freeing those Holocaust survivors in World War II.

Remember, it is America who liberated the concentration camps. It was my grandfather who got shot in the back and nearly lost his hand from grenade shrapnel to free your descendents who were persecuted by the Nazis (not Americans).

As Americans, we hold absolutely no responsibility for what happened in Germany 70 years ago and we never should have you or any other Jewish leader throw that in our faces. The fact is our relatives in Toms River, Howell, Brick and Jackson fought to free yours. They continue to defend Israel even today.

Instead of blaming us for that, you should be thanking us. Instead of intimidating us into selling our homes, you should be glad to live with such neighbors whose forefathers risked their lives to free Europe and liberate the Jews at time when the Jews were unable to defend and fight for themselves.

Know that when a group like the Nazis emerge again, it is OUR sons and daughters who will take up arms to fight them again. It is our sons and daughters who continue to fight and die against muslim terrorists worldwide eager to destroy Israel. Know that no matter how much you call us anti-semetic or fear that we are the foundation of the future holocaust, that people like myself who served will rise up to defend your people again, regardless of how much you look down upon us.

In the entire US Military, according to a story in one of the leading Jewish newspapers, just under 100 Orthodox Jews serve our country.

Remember the people these realtors are harassing out of your homes are the same people you will call on to defend Israel when the time comes. How dare you or anyone in your community say what is going on is based on religion.

I feel Mayor Miller and the media of Lakewood owe an apology to the residents of Toms River and Jackson for the illicit behavior of real estate agents from Lakewood.
I feel Mayor Miller owes an apology to the mothers and fathers of children who died from heroin overdoses, where the product entered into the county and was distributed by residents of Lakewood.

When Mayor Miller fixes the trainwreck of a town he leads, perhaps then, we can start talking to him and taking his advice on how to run our towns.

Phil Stilton
Editor. Shore News Network.


4 thoughts on “Lakewood, Toms River, Drugs… No Blockbusting

  1. It now appears that FM is completely dead – just like the morals of the Rechnitz scum who tried to hide the shanda in his ranks.

    • This should only strengthen our resolve to provide LostMessiah and Chafraud with leads to the greatest extent that we can.

  2. For a moment I thought the world had turned upside down and a frum guy was honest enough to write that article. Then I realized the unnamed guy in the picture is the mayor of Lakewood, not the author. Please caption the pictures.
    Anyway thanks for taking the time to pick up where FM left off just please dont ever let anyone know who you are so we wont have to worry about you being closed down by those wealthy ‘Holders’.
    You are doing very important work!

    Mr. Stilton’s article is just WOW!
    Can he please run for governor? This is what New Jersey needs.

    • No upside down world… Sorry. We have captioned the picture. As well, we are not going anywhere… if you have anything you think needs attention, let us know. We will research. And, thanks. Please share our posts. What whomever paid off Shmayra did not realize was that there when you clip new growth on a Wandering Jew it grows hardy. So too will we. And hopefully others.

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