Kiryas Joel Raids, E-Rate Yeshivah Funding to the Tune of $11.2m

Misappropriation of Funds related to E-Rate Program

post from Blaise Gomez, FB page

KIRYAS JOEL RAIDS: FBI Agents raided two locations in Kiryas Joel Wednesday in connection to an ongoing fraud probe in the Hudson Valley.

Authorities say Feds are looking into the misappropriation of telecommunications funds under the federal E-Rate program, which provides money to underprivileged schools for computers and Internet access.

A search of 49 private schools in Monroe on the E-Rate database shows that 3 yeshivas – United Talmudical Academy, Congregation Bnai Yoel and Sheri Torah – received a combined total of $11.2 million dollars in federal funds from 1998-2015.

4 other private schools received significantly lesser amounts.

None of the schools were raided Wednesday and so far, do not appear to be a part of the federal fraud probe.

Our calls to the yeshivas for information about the grants and telecommunications systems reportedly installed were not returned Friday afternoon, as administrative buildings were already closed.


LostMessiah will post more information as it becomes available.


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