Taking Our Communities Back, Blockbusting… the Illegal Practices of Expansionism


by Lost Messiah, March 16, 2016

This article was sent to us by a FB site, which also cited LostMessiah. We are posting it along with a series of supporting posts on this topic. We find most interesting that this topic is being picked up now worldwide.

Twersky and Teitelbaum: Avoiding Justice by Transcending Time and Space

The most fervent of the Skver and Satmar ultra-Orthodox Hasidic sects hold their leaders in god-like regard. It’s not uncommon for the most fundamentalist members of the cults’ lowest castes to literally eat the crumbs off of their leaders’ plates. It’s as if Marie Antoinette has been reborn into a televangelist’s – one who “cures” paralysis – body; these leaders have their cake and YOU can eat it, too – so long as you submit to a life of celebrated poverty, unashamed illiteracy and absolute dependency on an outside world and government that you undercut and bilk daily.

These leaders, while eschewing pop culture, must’ve seen Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, because their dictatorships are substantively a hybrid of disjointed temporal phenomena (because let’s face it, they certainly didn’t study World History in Avir Yaakov). They rule as if in Soviet Russia in the 1970s. They treat minorities as if they were plantation owners in the 1860s. They are quick to draw false parallels to 1939 in a misguided and disingenuous attempt to liken justifiable criticism against them to the deplorable actions of the Nazis. (And they dress like Polish nobility of the 18th century. No judgements. Live and let live.)

So what does that mean for us? Well, for starters, we’re expected to ignore the values of the United States Constitution and forget the fact we’re in America. Oh, you didn’t get the memo we’re in a theocracy now? At least that’s what bloc leadership would like us to believe. And, unfortunately, that’s how we are being treated.

Their dominion over (mostly) illegal housing in Spring Valley is today’s modern day feudal system. The working class does just that, works!, but at the end of the day, the cash they make goes back into their landlord’s pocket and never makes its way to the IRS. Fire safety be damned, too. It’s no secret bloc leadership has snatched up these homes with the intention of tearing them down and developing similarly unsafe and crowded high density housing. What’s the big deal if a house goes up in flames? It was only a matter of time before the slumlords let it fall beyond disrepair like Avon Gardens.

As for everyone outside of Spring Valley – you’re not off the bloc’s hook, either. Infinitely ballooning Medicaid and government subsidies programs are bleeding the County dry. Not to mention dubiously skyrocketing school budget allocations for “non public school services.” Regents exams and high school diplomas be damned!

And then we have arguably the more salient issue of the moment: blockbusting. In perhaps the best real life example of biting the hand that feeds you, bloc leadership and developers want YOU – the tax base, supporting the theocracy – to move. Belligerent agents like Naomi Steicher admittedly “do everything” they can to get homeowners to sell.

Which is kind of confusing. Do you want us here, supporting “Medicaid Villages,” or are the anti-Zionist Hasidic sects all of a sudden kibbutzniks and plan on creating a self-sustaining society for themselves and thus want us out?

Seems they’re in a bit of a Catch-22.

Even the Daily Mail from the UK is reporting on blockbusting!

This follows Bloomberg News’s reporting on the same issue earlier yesterday.

LostMessiah.com has also picked up our viral post (50,000 people reached and counting) from yesterday for that article click, here.

The blockbusting that is plaguing our region is all over the wires. This is an issue no one can ignore! We need to keep the pressure on, turn up the noise and TAKE BACK OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!


See FB Site, here.






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