While ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Members of the Rockland County Legislature are Voting Against An ERCSD Monitor, Schools are Failing…….



LostMessiah, March 15, 2016

Over the past few days, LostMessiah published a series of article about Senate Education Chair Carl Marcellino and State Majority Leader John Flanagan speaking out against a New York State Monitor for East Ramapo. What type of padding is lining their pockets remains to be seen….

Yehuda Weissmandl, president of the troubled East Ramapo Central School District Board of Education, will be the first to condemn the appointment of a State Monitor, with or without veto power. He is backed by his other ultra-Orthodox board members, Legislator Aron Wieder one of the bloc-supported Legislators, and he has several politicians, including but likely not limited to the above Marcellino and Flanagan apparently on puppet strings. But, as they jockey for power over the ERCSD Board of Education, the only ones suffering are the children.

In an article posted in Lohud, dated February 26, 2016, entitled, “All school districts in Rockland were found by the state Education Department to be in overall good standing except East Ramapo,” Lohud outlined the failure of the Board of Education of East Ramapo school district as follows:

Eight public school in East Ramapo have been identified as troubled, up from five last year, according to a report issued Friday by the state Department of Education.

The status report generated by the state’s Office of Accountability looked at schools statewide and assigned a status, with priority being the worst, followed by “focus” and “local assistance plan.” The best designation is good standing. The grades are given on the basis of students’ performances on state tests as well as graduation rates.

All districts in Rockland were found to be in overall good standing except East Ramapo, which was given a focus designation for the second consecutive year.

Chestnut Ridge Middle School was given the lowest designation — priority. It received the highest designation the year before.

Other East Ramapo schools identified by the state as in need of more accountability include Ramapo High School, which was in good standing last year, and Spring Valley High School, which is a focus school for a second year.

Other schools on the list identified as needing improvement  include four elementary schools: Grandview, Margetts, Elmwood and Eldorado and Pomona Middle School.

Lime Kiln Elementary, which was identified last year as a school that failed to make progress, received the highest designation this year. Other East Ramapo schools in good standing this year include Fleetwood, Hempstead, Kakiat and Summit Park elementary schools and the East Ramapo Early Childhood Center.

An East Ramapo district spokesman said the report shows “where the district needs to work harder.”

For full text of the Lohud article click, here.

Board President Weissmandl and his Senate pals would have the public believe that the Board of Education in East Ramapo appropriately manages funds, works together to benefit the students, is making improvements. That’s crap…The fact that there were 5 schools cited last year and 8 this year, speaks volumes. A New York State Monitor, with Veto Power is necessary. It is in the best interests of the children, all of the children of East Ramapo. For bloc-supported Senators to vote against a monitor, is to quite simply declare a wholesale war on children, their education and their future.


3 thoughts on “While ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Members of the Rockland County Legislature are Voting Against An ERCSD Monitor, Schools are Failing…….

  1. I do not know the relationship between this Weissmandl and the Holocaust hero who rescued, with Kasztner, Brand and the Sternbuchs in Switzerland approximately 20,000 Jews in Budapest, and with Gizi Fleischmann and the money from the Katchers, 20,000 Slovakian Jews earlier in the war.

    I do know that what is going on in Rockland is a chillul Hashem of major proportions and I think the REAL Rabbi Weissmandl would be appalled at the racism and hatred for non-Jewish children in public schools that this Weissmandl and his cronies dish out, a situation that only creates Jew hatred in an American climate where a mamzer like Trump is inciting violence and hatred against folks white people don’t like.

    When the Jews in Rockland are going to get hit with swastika strikes, shul burning and attacks on clearly Haredi people by others who live around them, they will have brought it on themselves–a fit punishment for their disgraceful Chillul Hashem and treatment of non-Jews, not to mention their venal corruption in politics. Ess vet zay gornisht helfin.

    • Jeanette, we can look into that connection you mention. The Weissmandl, subject of these articles, we don’t think, professes to be a Rabbi, he just professes to have the best interests of children in mind, vastly different from the truth. In many of the cases of what is going on in New York, particularly Rockland, like Teitlebaum and KJ, intentions may have been good at the onset when these men left their native homes, but the evolution of the structure of the lifestyle, the abuse, the blatant discrimination against non-Jews is inciting hatred. The hatred is not only against the Hassidim and Haredim but against all Jews. We would imagine that there are many, like yourself, Yiddish speakers, well-versed, who have their own criticisms. We hope they speak out, like you have. It is, indeed, a Chillul Hashem. Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks for speaking out.

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