Shutting Down FailedMessiah – Fed Up With Hatred?… Likely Not

Speculation Abounds… Fraud, Crime, Sexual Abuse… What Truths About the Hasidic Community Did Someone Want Silenced?

by LostMessiah, March 15, 2016

LostMessiah had discovered long ago the connection between Diversified Holdings and Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz. There appears, as well, to be a connection between Diversified Holdings and EruvRav. That connection  was made clear by a listing on the EruvRav Facebook page.

It is beyond doubtful, however, that the reason for silencing Shmarya Rosenberg had anything to do with “hateful bloggers” and being fed up with the hatred toward Jews.

FailedMessiah  had nothing to do with a hatred toward Jews; but rather an unparalleled level of contempt for the behavior of bad people. It is largely irrelevant that the same bad people he criticized happen to clothe themselves in costumes of alleged piousness and cover up their unthinkable sins by hiding behind a holy Jewish scroll, except to the extent of the widespread hypocrisy.

The people Shmarya criticized were not pious or Hasid, nor are they deserving of the title “Kiddush Hashem.” They were and continue to be horrible men (and women), devoid of any sense of morality.  If  Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, whom we do not begrudge a number of charitable endeavors, was behind the shuttering of FailedMessiah then he deserves no credit, no laud and no praise. If Mr. Rechnitz were truly a “Kiddush Hashem” or a Ba’al Tzedukkah (charitable one) he would have helped to finance Shmayra’s endeavors, to bring to light the horrible crimes within a larger community, to end the rape and molestation epidemic in his community and to put an end to behavior that has created an almost insurmountable divide amongst Jews overall; and Jews and non-Jews cross culturally.  

Shmarya Rosenberg deserves a special place in our collective hearts, and hopefully in the Olam Ha’Baah (the next world) for his courageous articles, sometimes controversial points of view, and willingness to devote 11 years as a “media relations expert” for the better behaved Jews, whether ultra-Orthodox or otherwise, amongst us. Shmarya brought to light horrendous crimes and treachery. He publicized the criminal and amoral efforts to hide that abuse and shield abusers.  He unearthed corruption, money laundering, hate crimes and many others. To say that he was committing a disservice to the ultra-Orthodox community is to again victimize the victims and to legitimize the crimes. Anyone who thinks this is okay, should know nothing but shame.

As Jews, we should expect more of our community leaders, Rabbis, Torah Scholars, Political supporters and Ba’ale Tzedukka; than what anyone celebrating the silencing of Shmarya is suggesting. Those who applaud silencing FailedMessiah, are inherently procuring a pathway to poor behavior. That is unacceptable. We should expect those who most stand out, by their own traditional choosing, to play the part for which they dress, as traditional, good and decent Jews. The Torah in word and spirit demands that of us and we should be demanding it of ourselves. Only in that, will the Jewish community at large not be hated for the crimes of the few.

There is a Yiddish saying, “When you place a Shtreimel on a pig, you don’t get a rabbi.” It is unfortunate that for all of the chazirim wearing Shtreimels (and Shmarya named hundreds over the years) and for those willing to provide shelter to the chazirim and intimidation to the truthsayers, there should be no praise. There are those with political clout and the finances to back them up, like Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, who, if speculation is correct, would prefer to hide fundamental truths. There is nothing  charitable or good in that.

Until we as a collective are willing to walk into the Mikvah and drag the pedophiles out by their collective “shvantzes,” thereby cleansing ourselves of the sins of our brothers, we are no better than the worst amongst us. Shmarya was better. Until we are willing to discontinue paying off our judges to allow horrific crimes against mothers or fathers who wish to leave the ultra-Orthodox community, we are no less criminal. Until we are willing to gain a collective conscience, something the Torah demands of each and every Jew, worldwide, we are lost, wandering in a desert of immorality.

Shmarya was likely silenced because he prevented men like Rabbi Twersky his henchman in New Square, New York; and others like him from getting wealthier by impoverishing their people, both financially and educationally. Shmarya’s site was likely shuttered because he was uncompromising in his moral sense of right and wrong; and he believed that children should not be raped and molested by their teachers and rabbis. Shmarya was a voice for the abused children, battered wives and shunned ultra-Orthodox members. He was unabashed in his criticism of members of Agudath Israel and the Satmar community, their secrecy, intimidation, financial frauds and overall dark cloud they cast on the greater Jewish community. His silence could have been paid for  by the politicians and judges who stood to lose as he uncovered political fraud and corruption. Hard to tell.

The connection between Diversified Holdings and Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz should raise more questions than it answers…

Eruv Rav, Diversified Holding, the new owner of


In a post on posted February 3, 2016 and entitled

“HEAVY Speculation that Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Involved In Closing Of Failed Messiah Blog

Rumors are flying around the Frum community, into what prompted Failed Messiah owner Shmarya Rosenberg to write a final post and say that he is closing his infamous blog down.

Strong speculation is that the noted philanthropist and leading Baal Tzedakah in Klal Yisroel, R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz had a hand in the deal.

Failed Messiah is notorious for publishing anything that would make Frum Jews look bad. Every time an Orthodox man was arrested, even for a simple traffic infraction, it received a prominent article on the FM blog, along with 100 comments by hateful bloggers.

The rumors claim that allegedly Rechnitz was simply fed up with the amount of hatred towards his fellow Jews, and simply could not bear to watch it continue.

Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz has become a household name in Chesed, and has given hundreds of millions to charity in the past decade. His huge heart never stops helping broken souls around the globe.

Naturally, Rechnitz has used his wealth to make a Kiddush hashem on a massive scale, by not only giving to Jewish causes. A few months ago, Rechnitz was on national news after he paid $50 per meal for approximately 400 U.S. Soldiers in an airport in Shannon, Ireland. He saw them eating standard army food while all the other passengers in the terminal were eating in trendy and appetizing restaurants. Rechnitz then asked their commander if he can give them something extra.

This incredible Kiddush hashem is just a tiny glimpse into who this walking Kiddush Hashem of a man is.

Last week, Rechnitz made international headlines after delivering a speech at a dinner in Lakewood about the issue of children not being accepted into Yeshivas.

If Rechnitz had any hand in the deal to have FM pull the plug, his share in Olam Haba’ah will have just grown to an unimaginable level.”



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