A Convenient Deception, the Moral Bankruptcy of the Criminal Justice System

Judges Who’ve Been Bought, Nothing Else Makes Sense…

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by LostMessiah March 13, 2016

FailedMessiah spent years reporting on sex abuse, the crimes, the verdicts, the judicial system that failed its victims.

LostMessiah wants the judges to tell us:

In what currency the heads of the ultra-Orthodox community, like Rabbi Twersky and others, were you paid to acquit criminals, to afford them reduced sentences or simply to avoid justice altogether. Were you paid in zlotzys? In rubles? In forints? In shekels? In Dollars?… or were votes the currency of choice?

For five hears Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld abused a young boy who lived nearby. For five harrowing years Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld violated that child. For five years Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld got sexual pleasure forcing himself upon a little boy. That child, Laiby Stern, will live with the abuse for a lifetime. While Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld dreams about how good it felt to have himself inside the body of a little boy, Laiby Stern will spend every night of the rest of his life reliving, in gruesome detail, what happened to him. The abuse did not end for Laiby Stern when Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld was prosecuted, nor did it end when Laiby testified.

Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld walked out of the court room, despite Laiby Stern’s testimony. While no punishment for Moshe Menahem Taubenfeld would have measured up to what Laiby Stern will live with for the rest of his life, Laiby Stern will never be free. Moshe Taubenfeld, an inveterate abuser, was freed and will most likely abuse again.

How could that happen?

Perhaps Judge Rolf Thorson can answer that question. In what currency were you paid, your Honor?

On July 30, 2015, the Forward reported about the story:

“Rabbi Noson S. Leiter runs a victim’s advocacy group in Rockland County called “Help Rescue our Children.” He was visibly distraught over the ruling, laying the blame at a corrupt justice process, citing the fact that both the Rockland County District Attorney, Thomas Zugibe, and Judge Rolf Thorsen received an overwhelming majority of the New Square vote.

Judge Rolf Thorsen won 99% of the votes from all four Ramapo districts in New Square when he ran for the bench in 2014. His brother, Eric Thorsen, is a family court attorney with close ties to the Hasidic community in Rockland County.

“The children of New Square are the biggest victims of a criminal justice system that clearly doesn’t seem to work in a just manner,” Rabbi Leiter said.”

Unstated in the Forward, but alluded to by Rabbi Leiter, is that Judge Thorson’s verdict, as astonishing as it is reprehensible, has intractable consequences. Not only did Judge Thorson let a serial abuser walk, he also enforced the code of silence shackling abused children within New Square and similar other ultra-Orthodox communities. Children who’ve suffered abuse, for whom Laiby exemplified courage and the potential for justice, will undoubtedly not be saying a word anytime soon.

How much did Rabbi Twersky and his henchmen offer in exchange for the freedom of Laiby’s abuser and for the continued silence of all of the other abused children, suffering daily the sins of that community?

Mazel Tov, Judge Thorson, not only did you let a serial sex abuser walk, you singlehandedly provided other abusers solace. You provided a convenient deception for Rabbi Twersky and the mechablim (terrorists) of the New Square community by substantiating what Twersky tells the abused victims regularly, “mesira (reporting) will not get justice”. Menachem Taubenfeld and many others like him can rape assured knowing that their young victims will never seek justice. Why?

Because, Judge Thorson, you have set a shining example of how justice works for our most vulnerable. You, by acquitting Taubenfeld stole the hope from a generation of children who suffer the same torture. You have proven that the criminal justice system, when it comes to the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic community is morally bankrupt.

Oh… But don’t worry, your Honor. You are in good company, joined by Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thomson and Judge Mark Dwyer.


Both DA Thompson and Judge Dwyer can be credited with setting “Luckiest Pedophile in New York” free.

FrumFollies in a piece entitled,Thompson Blames Everyone but Himself for the Lebovits Sentence” reports:

“Baruch Lebovits waltzed out of jail (on 10/3/14) after serving only three months following sentencing on his plea bargain for eight felony counts of oral sex with a child (PL130.40). A number of us tried to get an explanation for this dismal outcome, but the official line from the Brooklyn DA was, “no comment.””

Hella Winston of the Jewish Week dug deeper and reported that Judge Mark Dwyer,

“Despite being made aware that he had misunderstood correction law in a way that resulted in a notorious chasidic child molester receiving less jail time than he apparently intended – did not revisit the sentence of Baruch Lebovits.

According to the Jewish Week, the office of Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson, despite its knowledge of the judge’s error in advance of sentencing, did nothing to prevent this drastically and erroneously reduced prison sentence aside from writing a CYA letter to the court.”

The FrumFollies piece goes further with regard to DA Thompson:

“Thompson likes talking about protecting everyone in Brooklyn. But he seems to have decided not to pursue witness intimidation and bribery that inhibits ultra orthodox sex abuse victims from pressing charges. A case can be made that Thompson discriminates against molested orthodox children by not granting them enough prosecutorial vigor.”

For DA Thompson, it would appear, protecting the interests of his Hasidic voters trumps all else. For many within the Hasidic community sex abuse, domestic abuse, witness tampering, bribery and intimidation are crimes perpetrated with brazenness. The law is simply a judicial inconvenience. Truth and justice are a modern deception.

Judge Mark Dwyer, referred to the Leibovitz case as “convoluted.” There was nothing convoluted about it. What was labyrinthine, however, was the maneuvering of the justice system to further victimize rather than prosecute.


Judge Dwyer has proven himself an invaluable tool for a Borough Park community. For the Hasidic abuse victims in his courtroom their is little if any justice served.  Meir Dascalowitz, who raped and molested children in the mikvah (ritual bath), pleaded his case and got a sweetheart deal. Menachem Deutsch, who raped two boys in a Belzer synagogue in Brooklyn should have been a no-brainer to convict. He went unpunished and then celebrated after leaving the courtroom. In those two cases where Judge Dwyer let serial offenders back on the streets, with nary a slap on the wrist, there should be nothing but condemnation by a moral society.

DA Thompson, Judge Dwyer does  your support come cheap? Does further abusing the victims who seek justice, by allowing the criminals their freedom, represent significant political capital so worthy of legal abandon?

Are your collective versions of criminal justice so morally bankrupt that right and wrong, both morally and legally have lost their meaning and now represent nothing more than a convenient deception?


2 thoughts on “A Convenient Deception, the Moral Bankruptcy of the Criminal Justice System

  1. Those Judges and lawyers are paid with ‘tzedakah’ money .
    Tzedakah money are collected to be used for the poor , their shuls and their congregation, and
    NOT TO HELP CRIMINALS , financial fraudsters and pedophiles to avoid jail or to get out of jail ,
    ( not completing their jail sentence ) .

    When you give money to those ‘ rabbis’ or ‘organization, be aware that the money you are giving
    will be used to pay very expensive attorneys or to bribe Judges and NOTHING FOR THE POOR , their schools and for education , or the needy ppl of their congregation .
    The money goes in their pockets to be used for luxury lifestyle , multi million dollars mansions , expensive luxury cars , travels , expensive clothings and wigs for their wives , restaurants ,
    AND ATTORNEYS to release criminals .

    As far as Ken Thompson , he gets the votes to stay in office and in return for the votes, he does not prosecute pedophiles , or if there is an overwhelming case with too much evidence , Thompson will release the jailed pedophile early , just months after his incarceration .

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