A Convenient Deception, Politicians Willing to Sell their Souls…

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, Senator Marcellino….. How Much of Your Support is Garnered by the Bloc? Are you Trading the Life of a Child in Exchange for Each Vote You Get? Sure Does Feel That Way…

from Religion and Government, by Frederick Neitzsche
As long as the State, or rather the government, regards itself as the guardian of the minor masses, and in their behalf considers the question whether religion shall be maintained or abolished, it will most probably always decide in favor of the maintenance of religion. For religion satisfies the individual nature in times of loss, privation, terror, distrust,—…. When the necessary or accidental shortcomings of government, or the dangerous results of dynastic interests, become apparent to the intelligent, and fill them with the sentiment of hostility, the unintelligent will fancy they see the fingers of God, and patiently submit to the commands from above (in which conception divine and human government usually blend), thus preserving internal peace and the continuity of development. The force which lies in the unity of popular feeling, in the same general opinions and aims of the people, is under the protection and sanction of religion, except in those rare cases when the priesthood cannot come to an agreement with the political power concerning the price, and bids it defiance. …Without the assistance of the priests no power can become legitimate even now, as Napoleon understood. (Translated from Nietzsche’s “Meschliches, Allsumenschliches,” by George Schumm)


In East Ramapo the children are suffering. The public school children are being deprived of basic necessities like pencils, erasers, books, enough classes to graduate. They are sitting under roofs, barely keeping them dry in buildings not keeping them warm during the winter. They come from a district once hailed as one of the best in the State, and are graduating high school grossly unprepared for college. A disproportionate number of public school children are of Hispanic and Black descent, from families whose parents want to give their children better than what they had, hopes and aspirations for their offspring’s futures.

The Yeshiva are taught in schools where secular subjects are not part of the curriculum, or only taught with the barest minimum requirements to satisfy the scrutiny of the outside world. That curriculum certainly does not meet the “substantially similar” requirement but little scrutiny, if any, is performed. Yeshiva children graduate school with little or no English fluency, functionally illiterate in this country’s national language. Their parents don’t want better for them. In the words of community members, “No Nobel Prize winners will be coming out of Yeshivas.” The parents and community leaders, with few exception, want insularity. The children cannot aspire to what they do not know. Families are virtually guarantee public assistance, welfare and food stamps which will likely pick up where education leaves off. Perhaps, instead of Nobel Prize winners, the children will be like Rabbi Twersky in New Square,  revered for his unmatched wealth, official license plates, multiple homes and skewed interpretations of what it means to be a Jew. Neitzsche had it spot on.

The futures and any aspirations of both of these cohorts of children are being systematically quashed by the actions of Senators like Flanagan and Marcellino, both of whom have amoral justifications for why a monitor is unnecessary in East Ramapo, despite countless reports and recommendations to the contrary. They have their “sound bites” likely fed to them by the community they support, the ultra-Orthodox in places like New Square and Monsey, Kiryas Joel, Borough Park and Crown Heights. Perhaps the flock of birds with the Golden Crowns (from the story of Solomon) are whispering sweet nothings in their ears.

In an article entitled, “‘Opportunity Deferred’: 19 reforms for E. Ramapo“, from Lohud on December 14, 2015 describes the 19 recommendations from a panel headed by former New York City chancellor Dennis Walcott, which was reported to the Board of Regents. One of the findings within that report states,

“As a result of this confluence of factors, the tensions in East Ramapo have grown into a chasm, full of anger and mistrust, and the District’s students have continued to suffer the effects.”

Lohud describes the situation as follows,

“The school board is controlled by Orthodox Jews, who have been accused of directing resources to the private schools at the expense of the district’s 8,000 public-school students, who are mainly black and Hispanic.”

The Recommendations follow at the end of this article.

The idea that government will protect the education of these children, both Yeshiva and public school students, is a convenient deception. With politics determining the outcome and politicians, gaining support from the bloc, the result is a foregone conclusion. The children are doomed. Right and wrong, principles obvious to many of us, is as much these days a fallacy as the notion that local law enforcement and the criminal justice system will punish serial sex abusers within the ultra-Orthodox community. The misconception that the criminal justice system will at long last prosecute entrenched local Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox leaders for bribery and intimidation, and will bring the courageous children who speak out against sexual predators within those communities justice, is obvious to those of us who are not blind to the moral bankruptcy of our leaders. And it is disconcerting.

We are not delusional enough to believe that the leaders of the communities involved, Rabbi Twersky and his henchmen, Yossi Gestetner a “media consultant” for the ultra-Orthodox community, Legislators Aron Wieder, Ilan Schoenberger and Aidan Wolff Rockland County Legislators,  Yehuda Weismandl, President of the East Ramapo school board,  share in a collective consciousness. They may dress like pious Jews but have bastardized everything that makes Judaism beautiful.

These men, brethren in amorality, the Rabbis and political mafia, akin to street gangs have a well-organized and creatively written playbook for taking over governments and school systems. And, their plays are brilliantly executed.

In an article entitled, “East Ramapo board “surprised” by panel’s recommendations“, by Joseph Spector, published in Politics on the Hudson on December 14, 2015, ERCSD Board President Yehuda Weismandl is quoted as saying,

“We had begun to work together. We were building a consensus for action on underlying problems,” Weissmandl said in a statement.

“We are surprised because Mr. Walcott, who spent a great deal of time with us in recent weeks, spoke to these very issues and seemed intent on avoiding a repeat of the past.

“The final report to the Regents, however, went in a different direction.”



You were not surpised by the recommendations, Trustee Weismandl,  you were surpised that they were not given a proper burial before they came to light. You wondered who did not get compensated to vote your way. The panel’s members, if not in your pocket, drew obvious conclusions that the panel was correct. Somewhere your henchman, or those of your community went wrong.

Weismandl, in the same article is quoted as saying:

“These proposals are likely to reprise the divisions and strife we saw in the district last year,” his statement continued. “This is indeed unfortunate because we had begun the process of reconciliation in East Ramapo.”

He added, “What we need in East Ramapo is a laser focus on the needs of children and reconciliation as a community and improved cooperation at all levels. As we always have, we will continue to work diligently toward these goals.”

There is no “strife” to reprise. There are no divisions of “reconciliations.” There is a concerted effort to take over a school district, in its entirety and effectually irradiate public schools for all of the children who are not Hasidic or ultra-Orthodox for all future generations. Lakewood, Monroe-Woodbury, Jackson Township, it’s all the same playbook, just a different political brothel. And, in this case, the panel’s decision put a wrench in it.

Damage control was the next step and who better to assist in that endeavor than Senators Flanagan and Marcellino?”


Senator Flanagan…

Flanagan had always been on the “short list” according to a Newsday article on May 16, 2015. Despite calling Dennis Walcott a “gentlemen in every sense of the word” is quoted in politico-speak as saying,

When we move in any way shape or form to usurp local control, we have to be extraordinarily judicious,” Flanagan said. “I’m not suggesting for a moment there aren’t extraordinarily acute issues on that district, because there are.”

Despite Senator Flanagan’s description of Walcott, on December 21, 2015 FailedMessiah posted an article commenting:

New York State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan told the haredi umbrella group Agudath Israel of America last night that the state Board of Regents move to have a state fiscal and policy monitor with veto power installed in the scandal-plagued haredi-controlled East Ramapo Central School District has anti-Semitic overtones and his Republican caucus would not allow it to happen.

“We’re not doing it,” Flanagan told an Agudath Israel of America gathering, the hasidic Hamodia newspaper reported.

Agudath Israel, is the collective organization with the worst record for violence against children and efforts to silence those children. See Haredi Hall of Shame.  Somehow in the minds of the collective, a man brutalizing a child, bending an innocent vulnerable child over a table, pulling down his pants and tearing into him is okay. It brokers silence and deserves no punishment.

In what world is that okay, Senator Flanagan? Each and every time you shake the hands of one of those men, you are potentially locking fingers with blood-stained hands. Have you been invited to the Mikvah, Senator Flanagan, to partake in the spoils of young children? Are you any different from those who have?

Agudath Israel, like many other similar groups, is an organized crime syndicate. It has done more to destroy the lives of children, under the guise of religious “hesed”  (piousness) than any other crime syndicate in existence, historically or present-day.

Flanagan’s comments on December 21, 2015 come after a commentary on the Walcott Report, and FailedMessiah’s as follows:

“As illuminated by the Monitors’ work since August 2015, as reported in Henry M. Greenberg’s November 2014 report to the Regents, as documented in the press, and as experienced and voiced by public school families, educators, and community members, the East Ramapo Board of Education has persistently failed to act in the best interests of public school students. Since August, there has been progress in the District, but after years of challenges, including fiscal distress and a failure of public confidence in the public education system in the District, much more time is needed for the District to overcome years of mismanagement and decline…”

Senator Flanagan, after years of toiling and ending up on the “short list” are your current actions any different than accusations levied against women who allegedly “shtooped (screwed) their way to the top.” You, however, have likely whored yourself out for votes, sold yourself to the collective Devil, men wearing Schtreimels to synagogue on Friday night and Saturday and then fortifying their playbook for the takeover of the secular community on Sunday.

flanaganCaption and photo from yeshivaworld.com: “I congratulate Senator John Flanagan on being elected Senate Majority Leader” said Senator Felder. “As Chair of the NYC Education sub-committee I had the privilege of working with Senator Flanagan on passing the Education Investment Tax Credit in the Senate, securing funding for school transportation, and helping parents secure special education for their children.
Senator Flanagan has a proven track record of supporting our community, and I know that as Majority Leader he will continue to fight for our needs.”

What you may or may not realize, Senator Flanagan, is that one day you might get a knock on your door asking you to move from your home. You might find yourself unable to travel on Friday night and Saturday, the dictates of the Twersky empire of New Square. You are not exempt from the decimation of all this country holds dear, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It is simply a convenient deception that you will always be protected. Who knows? You might one day awaken to a bloody horse-head in your bed. The criminals to whom you give legitimacy are no different than Scorcese’s mafia crime family. They just dress differently.



And then there’s Senator Carl Marcellino…

In a Lohud article, dated March 10, 2016, entitled “East Ramapo: Senate Education chair knocks monitor plan”

Senator Carl Marcellino is quoted as saying the following inconceivable two statements:

“My inclination is to hopefully allow the district to resolve the issues on their own, without the state getting involved; without the state putting in a monitor,” he told Gannett’s Albany Bureau on Wednesday.

“I’m more pleased if we can work with the locals and get them to work together and get them to resolve the issues the way they should,” Marcellino continued. “That’s what school boards are elected to do.”

Senator Marellino, how many children must graduate schools without a remotely proper education? Certainly you are well aware that the ultra-Orthodox community leaders are thieves and liars. You’d be more likely to see jackals negotiating with their prey. And yes, the ultra-Orthodox leaders are the jackals in this political game where MONEY and STATE FUNDING OF PRIVATE EDUCATION are the prize. Children be damned.

Morever, Senator Marcellino, with your votes coming so cheap, why should Weismandl and his fellow Board of Education power brokers bother to negotiate?  You have, by your statements, given them political clout. Paying a political whore makes raping, both literally and figuratively, an entire generation of children so easy. The jackals get their money, the children generation after generation get no future and you, Senator, get rich on the backs of these children, their futures made hopeless by you, and their lives without hope.

Men like Senators Flanagan and Marcellino are a convenient deception. For members of communities most in need of their help, they represent systematic destruction and abuse of power. For Agudath Israel, Rabbi Twersky and their ultra-Orthodox organized criminals, they are your gateway to power. Will the children ever find redemption?


Recommendations from an East Ramapo advisory panel Monday to the state Board of Regents:
  • Continue monitors in the district and pursue legislation for increased authority, including a monitor with veto power.
  • Appoint an independent election monitor for school board elections.
  • Create a comprehensive and community inclusive process to develop a new bond issue for purposes of making much needed capital improvements.
  • Pursue legislation to ensure representation of public school concerns on the board of education by providing that in each election cycle, all candidates for at least one of the seats must be parents of children attending public schools selected in a local process by other public school parents.
  • Pursue legislation to expand required training for the district’s board members.
  • Convene meetings with a human rights expert.
  • Rethink use of Title I resources.
  • Provide students with full-day kindergarten classes.
  • Continue investigating the feasibility of streamlining grade configurations and start times.
  • Continue progress toward enrichment of academic options for all students.
  • Reform and enhance professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Create a hiring protocol that includes specific departments in the hiring process to ensure that there is a screening process of credentials and appropriate placement for new hires.
  • Streamline school district operations to encourage efficiency and transparency.
  • Explore longer-term transportation contracts with public approval.
  • Explore changes to bus routes and policies to maximize efficiency.
  • Review policies and procedures for special education and English language learner programs.
  • Reinstate support services for all students where needed.
  • Ensure responsible local contributions in the district budget.
  • The state needs to provide dedicated support to the district.

For Additional Reading:

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