The Bloc and the Destruction of Liberty

Take Rockland Back: #RocklandStrong, a Facebook page that organizes grassroots efforts against, among other things, blockbusting, posted this analysis of “the bloc” today:


The State of Our States: The Bloc and the Destruction of Liberty

Folks, blockbusting and over-development are serious issues, plain and simple. But they’re symptoms of an even greater problem. If we’re to solve them, we can’t fuss about political correctness. The truth is the truth.

On that note: It is a sad reality that the religious Jewish community’s leaders and affiliated developers – who are market makers of their own real estate economy – feel an absolute entitlement to “lay claim” to any area of land they see fit. We see this occurring in literally every ultra-Orthodox community in Rockland, Orange and Sullivan counties in New York, and throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey. One cannot say the issue is isolated; it is institutionalized.

Now, this is – for the time being, that is – still the land of the free, and everyone and anyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of property wherever they may please. But when there is a systemic and systematic usurpation of the rights and liberties of others, and an ensuing overhaul (read: destruction/corruption) of municipalities, that’s where we must draw the line. We must draw the line at corruption, discrimination and decimation (if not outright organized crime) masquerading as religion. We must draw the line when absolute power and political protection is afforded to a privileged few at the expense of all others.

This is not a religious issue; this is a “bloc” vote issue. Yes, “bloc” has entered our vernacular as a synonym for the religious Jewish community, but in this analysis of the situation, we restrict its definition to refer to the political elite and economically powerful of the “bloc” communities.

We see the bloc’s destruction of neighborhoods, school districts and local governments throughout the region: from the now-heavily-segregated Spring Valley, to the razed and looted East Ramapo Central School District, to the on-a-precipice Monroe-Woodbury School District, to the Towns of Ramapo and Monroe and so on and so forth. The locations may change, but the modus operandi of the bloc remains the same.

This did not happen overnight. The bloc’s rise to near-untouchable power has been steady, methodical. They’re playing the long game, the next fifty years; we’re focused on tomorrow. They have practically the entire New York Legislature in their pocket, through the sham Agudath Israel organization; we struggle to have one representative on a local level who hasn’t sold their soul. They disproportionately are afforded Section 8 and Medicaid benefits; we’re lucky if we pay the mortgage on time.

And we’re not the only victims of the bloc. The bloc’s own “constituents,” if you will, are victims! Child sexual molestation and domestic violence – all swept under the rug – and impossibly sub-par secular educations in State-funded private schools — the bloc leadership holds everyone around them – Jew and non-Jew – absolutely hostage. The only difference is, we’re not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

All of this is one big “open secret,” yet not a damn thing is done about it. For people of color and minorities, there’s the presumption of guilt until proven innocent. For the bloc, guilt is almost a foreign concept. Rockland DA Thomas Zugibe, whose soul is entirely removed from any dimension of cosmic existence, turns a winking eye at rabbis and teachers who have sexually abused dozens of children. Town Supervisors St. Lawrence and Doles have foreclosed any and all aspects of their humanity and dignity over the course of years of blatant political corruption and favoritism.

Nearly every single misdeed and crime committed by the bloc goes unpunished by our so-called justice system, emboldening bloc leadership, intensifying their arrogance.

As a result, we see more blatant blockbusting, more brazen over-development. These are now endemic to our communities.

We’ve all heard the reports of the wrapping-up of Federal investigations – but we must say: If those truly come to pass, that is not enough. That is not true justice.

Noramie Jasmin, former mayor of Spring Valley and a convicted felon, is now – finally – sitting in prison. Yet have the residents of Spring Valley been liberated from the yoke of bloc oppression?

We must not become complacent if/when these rumors come true. We must not allow a vacuum created to be filled with even more extremist/radical politicians who will cater to even narrower special interests. We cannot afford another “Mission Accomplished” blunder.

We must continue to fight the blight of the bloc at all levels of government. We must – and will – continue this fight until we see the realization of our Constitution’s promise of equality.

This means fighting this fight on every level: exposing blockbusting real estate agents; rallying our communities to oppose over-development; electing politicians who serve at the pleasure of ALL citizens.

We will continue to fight this fight on every block, in every neighborhood, in every village and town and county. We do this not for ourselves, but for our children and our nation. We’ve come too far as a society to live under feudal and fundamentalist conditions.

We will see a restoration of Liberty when the bloc is busted.

And not a moment before.



2 thoughts on “The Bloc and the Destruction of Liberty

  1. I’ll have to agree to a response made to an earlier post. It is torch and Pitchfork time.
    It was the protests at E Ramapo corrupt BOE members homes that got the monitor and now the new battle for a monitor with veto power.
    No longer can these corrupt bigwigs be allowed to live in peace as they destroy an historic community with ties back to the Revolution.
    Their ideals are a complete conflict with the ideals of Freedom, Liberty and Justice that most Americans cherish.
    They have mastered the game of corrupting politicians.
    And our founding fathers foresaw this possibilities and left a solution when law and liberty breakdown.

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