Anti-Semitim as the Rally Cry for Those Being Accused of Blockbusting in Worley Heights

Accused of Blockbusting and Intimidation, Calls of Anti-Semitism Flurry…

Concerns over the schools in the Washingtonville School District, have members of the community worried. The fliers left in mailboxes and pushing sales have homeowners concerned about home values. The recent purchase of several homes by Brooklyn homebuyers looking to expand the boarders of Kiryas Joel have people angry.

Words of wisdom: 

  1. Make sure you go out and vote for your school board members.
  2. Make sure to vote for your local officials.
  3. Be cohesive as a community.
  4. Be diligent.
  5. Pay attention.
  6. Don’t get complacent.

Finding homes for the Hasidic: Push is on in Worley Heights

From, March 5, 2016

“Blockbusting is the practice of inducing panic-selling in a neighborhood by telling residents a particular group is moving in and warning that their home values might drop as a result. Lynch contends that what made the unsolicited purchase offers objectionable and could constitute “block-busting” was the blanket suggestion that buyers were ready to buy any houses in the neighborhood, sight unseen.”

“Arthur Meisels, the Brooklyn businessman who appears to be the investor behind the homes that Halpern purchased, didn’t respond to phone messages. Reached by phone at their home in Brooklyn, his wife, Miriam, complained that recent news coverage about the Blooming Grove homes sales had been anti-Semitic, and that a neighbor screamed at her while she was looking at a house in Blooming Grove with a real estate agent. “The broker was embarrassed,” she said.”

For the entire article click here.


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