Rabbi David Twersky, The Emperor Wears Official Plates

In 2011 FailedMessiah.com published an article asking why Rabbi David Twersky, New Square’s emperor, would drive in a chauffeur driven car with “Official New York” License Plates. As of Shmayra Rosenberg’s sale of the site, we don’t think that question was ever answered.

LostMessiah, March 5, 2016

Why Does The Skvere Rebbe’s Car Have NY State Official Plates, Lights And A Siren?

Skvere Rebbe’s liscense plate 6-5-11UPDATED: Rabbi David Twersky, the Skvere Rebbe who rules over the Village of New Square with an iron fist, apparently has official state license plates on his car, strobe lights and a siren. Why?

Last updated at 8:47 pm CDT.

A reader took this picture today at the Rebbe’s house and emailed it to me. If you look closely at the front grill, you can see 6 strobe lights. I’m also told the care has more strobe lights in the back as well as strobe lights built into the headlights and tail lights. And I’m told the car also has a siren.

And, I’m told, when the Rebbe goes out, he often has three or four other cars with official plates, lights and sirens accompanying him.

Why does the Rebbe’s car have official New York State license plates, strobe lights and a siren?

[Hat Tip: Bugsy, for the Rebbe riding in his car on the freeway.]


Credit to FailedMessiah, June 5, 2011 [updated by Shmarya Rosenberg in 2011]

11 thoughts on “Rabbi David Twersky, The Emperor Wears Official Plates

  1. twersky got the official plate through his political connections , from the local county executive or a prominent elected official in the county who at his turn ordered the police to allow him to have strobe lights and a siren , plus a motorcade , all paid by tax payers .

    The local government should know that twersky is a crook , does not pay his taxes and does not report incomes to the IRS . The only way to get twersky caught is to report to the FBI all information about his frauding ways . He will be investigated , arrested , thrown in a court of law , then whisked to jail .

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  2. Apropos your comment about Israel, what is quite interesting is that Agudat HaTorah, a Haredi political party and the most fundamentalist of the political parties in Israel, advocates avoiding army service, does not support the State of Israel (actively), gets subsidies and socialized services and most of its members are Hasids from other countries.


    • Don’t forget that Agudath Israel of America is headquartered in it’s CEO Labish Beckers House in Airmont NY. A suburb of the Greater Monsey area (formally know as the Town of Ramapo) This is the belly of the beast so to speak. All the Orthodox marching orders come from here.

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  3. Do you really think the Hasidic Grand Poobahs are going to wait in traffic surrounded by evil, unwashed Goys?
    Getting him on that flight to Israel is paramount compared to public safety.
    You must get your priorities straight.

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