CORRECTION: Top Haredi Backer of NYC Mayor & Sexual Abuse


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This guy is a businessman, something doesnt seem right that he wouldn’t show up for a relatively short sentence of 15 days.

There is probably something more to the story.
Sounds like a politically motivated take down by an enemy.

Menachem Shachem.

Nothing new in this culture of pedophiles & thieves.


He’z in Israel

Shayna G in NZ

Mr Noe is very gnomish.He would look quite cute amongst the long grass at the bottom of the garden.


maybe de blasio will inquire like he did with orlanda fridlayer.

Crazy boy

The money spoke so sorry?

Mark S

How can you not show up? How can the system let you get away with it? This isn’t something you can postpone or appeal; the time for that is already over. What, you’re going to stall for a couple of weeks and then show up and ask to have your sentence cleared for “time (not) served”?

Any followup? Has he shown up yet?

Shayna G in NZ

What was Noe thinking not showing up to serve a very short sentence? It’s madness,he must have known a warrant would be issued for his arrest if he didn’t show.

Crazy boy

Forty eighter? Or forty five,? Don’t be shocked he is not even cooked its all the work of his corrupted friends the politicians, remember what I am telling you now he will not sit not even a day not ,the mayor made already the job for him that’s why he didn’t have to show up at all its one hand washing the other hand,

Forty Eighter

15 days for a feelie seems excessive actually.

The smart ass should have been in and out and done his time quietly. With time off for good behavior and credit for time served he probably would have been out by next weekend.

He was able to keep this entire affair hush-hush up to this point. Now he is cooked.


noe did not show up to serve his prison sentence bc in his haredi mind , he thinks that his political connections allows him not to show up. 
that’s why .
getting 15 days of jail instead of 3 months is 
suspicious . noe got a break thru his political connections and he gives himself the right to get more , like not showing up to start his court ordered sentence , thinking some political official will cover him ,anyway .

Crazy boy

To you with respect,m, I am shocked (1) because his father in law is a very very nice man The worlds Jewish Hasidic top badchen,,reb yakov miller,(2) aron noe kept himself for a big shot for a rich famous guy always tried to be in the pictures with politicians, so its a little bit shocking to hear what he did and that he will have start serving some yeshiva time,


@ Fat tukes,
you are an idiot , a blatant idiot who does not know whay you are saying . you are the perfect 
religious scum .

Sam ash

True version:

In 2013 Mr. Noe and Mr. Shitrit and some other businessman were sitting in a rooftop bar in Manhattan, when a drunk overweight lady started yelling that Mr. Noe touched her forcibly for a period of 2-3 seconds, which amounts to sexual Harassment.

A trial followed in which Mr. Noe and and his fellow businessman denied the charges, but as often happens in a he-said-she-said sex case, the judge accepted the version of the lady and found Mr. Noe guilty of a misdemeanor B, and sentenced him to 8 days under house arrest.

Mr. Noe promptly appealed. The appeals court granted him a stay. The initial Judge ignored the stay, and issued an arrest warrant today.

Please stay tuned as Mr. Noe is appearing in Appellate court tomorrow morning in attempt to void the arrest warrant.

Meanwhile please be aware that the smear campaign is not aimed at Mr. Noe himself, but at his friend, the Mayor. We, Mr. Noe’s friends, do no doubt his innocence, and we stand behind him as the truth comes out!


@ Crazy Boy ,

you should not be shocked with anything in the 
hassidim or ultra orthodox communities .
the worse , the unimaginable happens in those 
ultra religious communities . you are in good position to know it and you should know it unconditionally as long as you ‘ll live .
be prepared for the worse anytime .

Fat tukes

Scotty he’s gonna sue u dry, u got the wrong guy its not him


i recognize the way ‘ a good jew’ wrote comma followed by an interrogation mark —–> ,?


‘ a good jew ‘ is back , under a new name 
Crazy Boy .

john doe

After a couple of drinks, Ari doesn’t take Noe for an answer.

Crazy boy

I really wonder when the rabunim are running after reb aron noe, ((I am definitely not saying he is a bad guy)) but when they are asking from him money do they ask him from where he has so much money,?,is his money kosher and not from fraud,? Is he defrauding people or the government,? I think rabunim should know and they should ask a gevir before they take his money if its kosher money? they should check his background what kind of person he is,? What kind of name he has,? How does it look now that such a nice person and a son in law of the famous famous ,,badchen,,reb yakov miller has to go to prison for groping a woman,? But he is being called a,,big LIAISON for the mayor of New York,? A big bigshot,? A person who always loved to be in the pictures with politicians or big rabunim,? I would like to ask all politicians and rabunim where are you now to fight for this man ,? Come on de blasio where are you for aron noe,? Wasn’t he your LIAISON,? Can’t you see to help him out now with his problem,? You just loved him because of his money,? Where is now your power for him,? I hope that all politicians and rabunim who loved him till today will come to visit him in prison,?


This is really terrible news. Ari Noe is a super nice guy. I sure hope his attorneys do have exonerating evidence. Otherwise, he is a real sad disappointment. Rachmanus. Nebech

enough of the religious B.S.

When is the other BP guy who claims to be the “in” to the Jewish community and is now representing the Lebanese Arab lobby going to be called out by the community?

Crazy boy

I hope that he is not a fraudster because he always kept himself as one of the richest man in new york,,all of the big rabunim especially from Israel would come to him after money,,he would promise big bucks for,,toldos aharon chasidus in Israel,,and for ,toldos Abraham yitzchuk,,in Israel,, supposedly he is a very rich person,,I hope he makes kosher money,? He is sick for the pictures,,he loves to be in the pictures with politicians,,or big rabunim,,he loves that attention,,

Crazy boy

Yes yes he is the son in law of the big famous ((badchen)) yankel miller,,isn’t it shocking,?

Crazy boy

I am very very shocked,he 
is the son in law of the big famous badchen,yankel miller,,of Monsey Rockland county,,


According to the Appellate Division decision upholding his conviction, he was convicted of third-degree sexual abuse and forcible touching. That’s a class B misdemeanor, which means he could have been sentenced to three months. All he got, though, was just 15 days.

someone Else

How long is his sentence?


If he still has his passport he could be in Israel or South Africa hiding among the black hats.


Posted by: Earl David | January 20, 2016 at 04:08 PM

It looks like it was state, not federal.

Kosher Ham

Shmarya, it would be nice to post copies of his conviction documents & bench warrants, if you can obtain them.

Earl David

He may get extra time for not surrendering. If this is a federal case, he would get two to five years extra time. I met people in FCI Fort Dix who got extra time for fleeing justice.

The Commish

Oh, Noe!

WoolSilkCotton; I must be seen to be believed

The frumma do as they please.



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