LostMessiah.com Reports on Chabad Rabbi Aryeh Leib “Larry Dudovitz” and Sexual Assault

Uncovering the Shroud of Child Sexual Abuse Within the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community

LostMessiah.com, February 29, 2016

We have decided, for the sake of the children involved, to work tirelessly  to reprint and comment on, where possible, the efforts Shmarya Rosenbert, at uncovering child sexual abuse within the ultra-Orthodox community/Haredi communities. We would like to bring to light a problem which has been enshrouded in secrecy for far too long. It is our view that this is no different than the tireless efforts of those who uncovered sexual abuses within Catholicism and the Priesthood, a situation that has been addressed and moved to the forefront of the Catholic Church, on up to the Pope. We believe that these issues cannot be ignored in any community, whether religious or otherwise, bar none. The damage to the children of abuse is earth-shattering and does not go away. We hope that by bringing these issues to light, committing to the work of FailedMessiah, we can perhaps save the children, one child at a time.

We welcome your assistance. We welcome the courage of those willing to come forward. We welcome discussion on this point. Most of all, we are looking for those heroes within the affected communities willing to go against the grain and start reporting abuse. No person, and certainly no religion should be silent where sexual abuse is concerned.

jaNUARY 06, 2016 by FailedMessiah.com


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