FailedMessiah and Diversified Holdings…Eruv Rav

Eruv Rav and Diversified Holdings…, February 28, 2016

LostMessiah wants to know whether the documents for the purchase of FailedMessiah included anti-defamation clauses.


Eruv Rav, Diversified Holding, the new owner of

At What Cost to the Greater Jewish Community was FailedMessiah Shuttered?

For many of us in the Jewish community who want to see the “diversified” Jews throughout the world clean shop when it comes to the bad apples within our larger community, the shuttering of FailedMessiah represents a tremendous loss. It demands of us that we sit Shiva, of sorts, wear black, tear our shirts.

For some of us, the first question to which we want answers: who is “Diversified Holdings”? Why has a site, with an extraordinary following, quoted by journalists worldwide for its unabashed criticism of the wrongdoings of those within the Jewish community suddenly a site protecting those very same individuals?

But then it came to us… Eruv Rav, which did not wait until the ink was dry on the contracts of sale to begin criticizing FailedMessiah and its founded and writer, Shmayra Rosenberg, is Diversified Holdings, at least that’s what it says not their FB page. And why is the entity that purchased FailedMessiah, so eager to defame it?

Perhaps, Diversified Holdings, i.e. Eruv Rav has interests that it needs to see protected. Certain Torah, G-d, morality and ethics do not play a role. We hope to find out what does.




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