FailedMessiah Accused of Bigotry…Where is Rosenberg is posting the following blog post because we find it rather perplexing that when a person or group is uncomfortable with being held accountable for their behavior, they resort to responses of racism or bigotry. Calling a spade a spade means making a point; and if it so happens to call attention to a particular group, so be it. Shmayra Rosenberg, a former Chabadnik himself, called attention to the crime, sexual abuse, dishonesty, hypocrisy, lies and deceit of a community of ultra-Orthodox Jews, with which he, at one time identified. Did that make him a bigot? In our opinion, no. But it would be so very easy to diminish his 11 years of work as bigotry.

It has been said that it only takes one bad apple to kill a tree. Well, within the ultra-Orthodox communities throughout the United States, Australia, Antwerp, England, Israel and so forth, there are many, many bad apples. Saving the tree that is Judaism means removing the bad apples from the tree before the whole thing dies. We do not suggest an all-out attack on ultra-Orthodoxy, per say, but rather a demand that people within those communities be held accountable for their behavior when such behavior crosses legal, moral and ethical lines.

Shmayra Rosenberg discovered instances of sexual abuse, improper use of Kosher certification to hold businesses hostage,  bribery, child abuse, educational deficiencies and he brought them to light. That those behaviors are being defended as acceptable under shield of bigotry is for us, almost laughable. To those who closed down we, as Jews, as ethical people, as moral human beings, will not rest until we have called out behavior that is morally bankrupt. If bloggers want to call us names, it will only serve to substantiate our claims, and those of Mr. Rosenberg before us.

Failed Reporters Protect Bigotry: Whitewashing Shmarya Rosenberg and Failed Messiah

02/24/2016 ~ eiruvrav

Dov Bear, Debra Nussbaum Cohen, Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt, Steven Weiss, Josh Nathan-Kazis, protect bigotry and racism of failed messiah shmarya rosenberg

Reporters Whitewash Vile Bigot Shmarya Rosenberg

Imagine a blogger who claimed that “African Americanism = Lies and Deceit,” and warned the public that “African Americans are your enemies.” Imagine the same blogger wrote a story on a white criminal with the subtitle “So much crime! And he isn’t even Black!” Imagine the same blogger hosted a website on which he interacted positively with individuals who called for African Americans to be killed in gas chambers and repeatedly wrote that “the slaveowners were not wrong about everything,” all while he banned hundreds (if not thousands) of other individuals from his website.

Such a bigot would undoubtedly be roundly condemned by most responsible people and journalists. But apparently not by Debra Nussbaum Cohen, Josh Nathan-Kazis, Steven Weiss, Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt, Dov Bear, or JTA. If you substitute “Haredi” for “African American” (and Germans for slaveowners) in the aforementioned examples of bigotry, you would have an exact quote from vile bigot Shmarya Rosenberg, who ran the hate blog Failed Messiah for over a decade. Yet these disgusting (or merely ignorant) journalists wrote largely complimentary stories about Shmarya upon the sale of the Failed Messiah blog, taking pains to frame any negative attitudes toward his blog as merely counter-reactions of the Haredi community to uncovered criminality, grossly exaggerating negative reactions as extremely as possible [Hint: mention Nazis] in order to discredit them. Not one of these failed journalists referenced or provided an example of his overt bigotry.

Debra Nussbaum Cohen quotes Steven Weiss, managing editor of The Jewish Channel, as crediting Rosenberg with forging “a path of aggressively antagonistic journalism,” and for shining a light on “a lot of things that needed shining on, pretty selflessly.” Weiss apparently considers bigotry a selfless endeavor, perhaps accurately. Cohen did write that some people compared Shmarya’s blog to a “rotting piece of meat”(?) and that Shmarya “occasionally got things wrong and had no problem being overtly biased.” She then respectfully quotes the disgusting bigot regarding how much he will miss bigoting.

Josh Nathan-Kazis would only say that Shmarya’s site had a “rudimentary design, strident tone” and was run by someone with a “prickly persona.” Perhaps Nathan-Kazis also condemns David Duke for his prickly persona.

Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt called Shmarya a muckraking whistelblower, and wrote that “public reaction, needless to say, has been ugly.” Public reaction to Mel Gibson was also ugly, wasn’t it Avital? Let us lament all that ugliness…

JTA wrote that “Most talkbacks wished Rosenberg well and lamented his leaving, though others said they were happy to see him go.” Most talkbackers may have been misinformed by whitewashed media reports that refuse to acknowledge Shmarya’s obvious hate and bigotry.

Dov Bear was probably the most nauseating of all: “I didn’t know Shamrya as well as I would have liked.” Bigots are not appealing enough for you from afar, Dov Bear? [Note: Dov Bear responded on Twitter by agreeing that posts like “Haredim are your enemies” are unacceptable. He wrote: “As I said to others who criticized me. I rarely looked at FM. When he did he was shining light where it was needed.” ” And if you want to go through everything he wrote, post by post, I am sure there is stuff I’d dislike.”]

How vile that these spineless, mindless reporters let bigotry sightlessly waddle right under their stories.


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