Rabbis & Crime – Recreating FailedMessiah.com

When FailedMessiah took down posts, the following was a comments. We are going to try and re-post those posts most relevant to our readers.

“Here is a summary of the Brooklyn haredi community’s attempts to deal with alleged serial child molester Rabbi Yehuda Kolko. Haredi leaders were unable to deal with Rabbi Kolko and, at the same time, refused to turn him over to police. The end result was almost 40 years of child molestation. Gerrer_rebbe_yakov_aryeh_alter_2 Posts on alleged haredi child rapist Avrohom Mondrowitz are here. Mondrowitz fled the US for Israel at the urging of haredi leaders as he was being indicted for raping young boys. He lived safely in Jerusalem for over 20 years, under the protection of the Ger hasidic community and its rebbes, the latest of whom, Rabbi Ya’akov Aryeh Alter, is pictured at right. At this writing, there are over almost 700 hundred posts on religious criminals on this index page. It is quite large and may take a few minutes to completely load. The posts are chronological, newest at the top of the page, oldest at the bottom. For those wondering why I focus so heavily on Orthodox crime, please read this.”


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